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Long gone are the days when leadership was the responsibility of only a few individuals at the top of an organisation and the brain was a mystery.

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What we do

The About my Brain Institute develops brain-friendly leaders, teams and cultures through transformational experiences, digital tools and practical leadership training.


Thorough observation and experimentation studies.


Well researched brain-based assessment tools.


Visually attractive training and coaching resources.


Inspiring programs, workshops and adventures.


Fun encounters that keep us all connected.

Leadership is quickly becoming a co-creative process that requires us to recognise that sometimes we need to lead, and other times, we simply need to follow.

Our Mission Explained

We have noticed that businesses have an urgent need to recruit and retain individuals who are self-led, determined and proactive.

Since 2009, the research we have undertaken at the About my Brain Institute led us to believe that asking the leaders at the top of an organisation to transform, is no longer sufficient. Leaders do not have the bandwidth or the time, and are often challenged with the 24 hour management cycle when it comes to transitioning from old to new ways of thinking, communicating and behaving.

In addition, people want to go to work and use their thinking and ideas to drive growth. They are also starting to understand that flexibility and brain-friendly environments are critical to support them in this new way of working. After all, thinking and ideas emerge from our brains, which necessarily demands the wellness of their bodies.

Businesses, with a few exceptions, have not yet adapted to this new reality, neither the mindsets or behaviours that can sustain it have been fostered or developed. There is still a clear mismatch between the way people now prefer to work and how businesses operate.

We have gone past the Industrial and the Information Ages sometime ago. Leadership has to be taught throughout the organisation so people can be in the best position to not only implement their ideas but also to collaborate with others to bring these ideas to fruition.

That is why we believe that democratising leadership and making people aware of how to apply the latest findings on brain & body optimisation is so critical for business success in the 21st Century.

We know that being the manager of a team, the CEO of an organisation or even an entrepreneur requires the person in charge to have a balanced and healthy brain & body so he or she can make the best decisions for the business and its people.

This is the basis of our proposition and the core of our i4 Neuroleader Model & Methodology, which we use to embed the new ways of thinking required to lead in the Imagination Age.

In this new era, leaders will have to become more knowledgeable and aware of their biology, of the ‘human behind the leader’. A leader also needs to become an agile creator who can design the future as it emerges. This is a new leadership archetype which we like to refer to as the ‘Neuroleader’.

Founder & CEO
The About my Brain Institute

The Leadership Evolution

From Managers to Neuroleaders

New discoveries and technologies are shifting how we think, behave and interact with the world and with each other. Times have changed and a new type of leadership is emerging.

To learn more about the i4 Methodology, the Leadership Evolution and the Imagination Age, download our White Paper!

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Industrial Age

  • Control = Power
  • Systematic
  • Task focused
  • Measured
  • I know
  • No feedback


Information Age

  • Knowledge = Power
  • Visionary
  • People focused
  • Courageous
  • We know
  • One-way feedback


Imagination Age

  • Ideas = Power
  • Creator
  • Brain focused
  • Vulnerable
  • Who knows?
  • Every direction feedback

Leading in a VUCA World

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Our Values

This is how we do business, our values inspire and guide us in every aspect of what we do.

know self

Know Self

Knowing who we are and the impact we have on others is what we promote as a business and what we aim to do ourselves. We are on the same journey as our customers, and we like that.

Work With Soul

Work With Soul

Being fully engaged and having fun while working is very important to us - it is what gives our work meaning and joy. This is only possible when we put our souls and minds into everything we do.

Don't be a dinosaur

Don't be a dinosaur

Surprise and change has become a feature of our lives, so becoming insatiable learners and avoiding extinction is the new imperative. We aim to be nimble, flexible and open-minded so we continue to evolve.

think beyond

Think Beyond

Thinking beyond our own interests, becoming aware of environmental and social forces, and stretching our minds to venture into the unknown is what makes us achieve the unachievable.

think beyond

Be Sticky

Sticking to our values, keeping our word, and standing by our mates creates authentic and trustworthy relationships. Working side-by-side to achieve our dreams is merely spectacular!

Meet the Team

We are a multidisciplinary and passionate team dedicated to helping you grow and thrive.

Our talented production team specialises in creating state-of-the-art resources and educational programs, digital tools and event experiences, whilst our consulting team, trainers, i4 Partners and coaches provide high quality delivery.

Silvia Damiano

Founder & CEO

Relmi Damiano

General Manager &
Chief Creative Officer

Katharine McLennan


Simon Martin

Video Director

Douglas Lam

Technical Engineer

Madelyn Beaufils


Su Kim


Ayeesha Mukerjee

Junior Designer

Nicole Lyons

Writer & Researcher

Sacha Damiano


Alison Pate


Brooke Schiller


Ricardo Gonzalez

i4 Partner, Mexico

Gonzalo Rossi

i4 Partner, Argentina

Clemencia Gonzalez Silveyra

i4 Partner, Argentina

Santiago Puebla Sanz

i4 Partner, Spain

Jorge Plaza

i4 Partner, Spain

Blythe Rowe

i4 Partner, Australia

Mark Hodgson

i4 Partner, Australia

Grant Herbert

i4 Partner, Australia

Igor Sulik

i4 Partner, Slovakia

Graham Hart

i4 Partner, New Zealand

Ruth Donde

i4 Partner, New Zealand

Denise Carter

i4 Partner, New Zealand

Stuart Jenner

i4 Partner, Australia

Dr. Kaushik Ram


Dr. Carmel Harrington

Sleep Expert

Joshua Landua


Yoda the Cat

Oxytocin Producer

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