Garry Mills is appointed President in Asia for the About my Brain Institute

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18 November 2020
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This appointment will strengthen the utilisation of the i4 Neuroleader Model & Methodology in Asia, guiding people and organisations to transform and grow while improving leadership performance, creativity, engagement and brain/body health. 


“According to recent research in Asia, many employers are demanding that employees have highly developed soft skills like leadership, problem solving, communication, ethics and teamwork,” explains Garry.

“Because many employers are looking beyond the academic results of job applicants, they are reporting a significant shortage of the soft skills they need in their employees. Helping to close this skills gap is the model, methodology and tools of the About my Brain Institute, which provides practical strategies to enhance anyone’s leadership potential with measurable results.” 

Garry’s professional career spans 24 years with diverse and extensive experience across the public and private sectors, including leading complex and sensitive operations in Asia. His executive roles involved leading large teams and critical training outcomes for large organisations.

Garry has designed and delivered training, coaching programs and presentations in Asia and across Australia. His specialty is helping people, teams and organisations improve their leadership, performance, mental health and wellbeing. Clients have included senior executives, emerging leaders, professional athletes, graduates and small businesses across industry and government.

Described as calm, open and genuine, Garry has a depth of knowledge on neuroleadership that’s perfectly complimented by his interpersonal skills and ability to convey the subject matter in terms understood by all. His approach is backed by science and data however, his delivery approach is very human and caring.

Garry’s passion and commitment to this partnership will help people and organisations across the region achieve prosperity and fulfillment by integrating leadership and culture development with brain science.

Garry thrives on challenges that test his physical and mental endurance. His achievements include completing Ironman triathlons and in 2016 he was a Team Australia athlete in an outdoor sports & survival competition held in Bali, Indonesia. This competition was also an international reality TV series and Team Australia finished in second place. He lives his life with the knowledge that an active mind and body is essential for optimal brain and body performance.

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