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Alison Pate
Participate International


Scott Nell
Schneider Electric


Margaret McGee


Grant Herbert
People Builders


Matt Jackson
Affectors Academy


Sarah Edwards
HR Business Leader


Mario Maresca


Ildi Toth


Clare Edwards
Brainsmart Consulting


Gail Eaton-Briggs
Department of Health & Human Services


Brooke Schiller
Incite Partners Inc


Katie Hancock
Organisational Psychologist


Gemma Gonzalez Andres


Nigel Wainwright
Executive Coach


Melissa Dumas
Graphic Designer


Anne MacNab
Amicas Business Solutions


Javier Ontiveros
Quid Qualitas


Bernadette McClelland
Sales Leaders Global


Isla McCrone
Action Provocateurs

A Few Words

The i4 Practitioner Certification has provided me with great insights into why the brain is the new frontier when it comes to developing leaders.

John Butel

Sales Professional & Coach

Excellent combination of digestible science with practical tools and models. Accessing Silvia's brain with such depth of knowledge and experience was fantastic. I am a richer person!

Sally-Anne Blanshard

Consultant, Speaker & Former Recruiter

Outstanding program, I especially enjoyed the breakdown of the tips to improve the i4’s!

Dr. Kaushik Ram

Neuroscientist & Movement Specialist

Bravo Silvia- an incredible program on an incredible model. Leadership education has become such an industry and here is the first model I know of to integrate ‘hard’ science, the whole person and their community. So thought provoking, thank you so much.

Morwenna Shahani

Educator, Manager & Educational Leader

I really enjoyed it - looking forward to continuing my journey around neuroleadership. Participants were awesome and the quality of the material is really great & there is so much available.

Dianne East

Management Consultant

The most engaging, motivating and educational course I have ever attended!

Vanessa Stack

Accounting, Recruitment & Business Development Specilaist

The most important thing I have taken away from the i4 Practitioner training is having a balance, a balance between body and mind and balance between the way your brain functions. You want your brain to be functioning like and orchestra, the i4 model gives you the tools to be able to synchronise your brain!

Riddhika Rathod

Organisational Development Consultant
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