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The ‘Leadership is Upside Down’ Books contain invaluable concepts for anyone who wants to develop as an effective, creative and inspirational leader to thrive in the 21st Century.

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The Book  The underpinning thinking of the i4 Neuroleader Model!  Check it out now!
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The Poetry of Leadership  An inspirational illustrated poetry book to take you to another world.  Check it out now!

What people say

"Intrepid. Intriguing. Insightful. Invigorating!"

“Silvia Damiano takes you to a place that compels you to challenge what you know – or think you know – about leadership. A fantastic read where its true beauty is in the simplicity of its deconstruction and re-construction of notions and principles.

I found myself constantly questioning my actions and inactions as a leader and gained far greater insight of my influence towards others – positive and negative – regardless of my intent.”

Milano Pellegrini

HR Executive, Consultant & Lecturer

"My brain so enjoyed Silvia’s deliciously structured description on how my neurobiology and neurochemistry can alter so that I can start exhibiting some of the leadership behaviours I have been trying to exhibit at work but somehow have failed.

My brain really does want to know the chemicals, wiring and restructuring it needs to achieve in order to change behaviour on the outside. Silvia has done a wonderful job at giving my brain the manual on how to achieve that end state. The brains of leaders will enjoy Silvia’s work immensely."

Katherine McLennan

Head of Global Leadership Academy, QBE

"Leadership is not improvised. Leadership is learnt and developed. In her new book, Silvia Damiano gives us the key: the i4 model. In a world characterised by complexity, uncertainty and globalisation, the four skills Damiano includes in her Model (integration, inspiration, imagination and intuition) are essential for individual and group success."

Dr. Nestor Braidot

Author of NeuroManagement & CEO of Braidot Group (Business & Neuroscience)

"By challenging us to look at leadership in an unfamiliar frame, the i4 model offers new insights into ourselves and others - insights that are founded in the science of our brains and behaviours - that will ultimately enable us to be better leaders who can adapt and thrive in a complex, ever evolving, global business landscape."

Dr. Lana Ledgerwood

Cognitive Neuroscientist & Leadership Consultant

"This book is an enjoyable, well-written, and fast and easy read. I found myself continuing on, reading another chapter into the early morning hours each night like one does when reading a really enthralling novel. But don’t let the colorful illustrations, use of stories and personal experiences and inspirational quotes fool you.

This is not a frivolous book. It’s an important book. Perhaps one of the most important business books to come out in some time. Relevant, timely, actionable, and with its underlying message of equality—both for genders and generations, but also for every human on the planet. We are all equal, and we all have the capability and responsibility to be personal leaders."

Matthew Galik

Leadership Consultant

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Silvia Damiano

Founder & CEO

About my Brain Institute


Scientist, educator, author, speaker, coach, award-winning leadership specialist and filmmaker.

Silvia is the creator of thei4 Neuroleader Model and Methodology, author of ‘Leadership is Upside Down’ and director of the 2018 documentary‘Make Me A Leader’.

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