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Creating Brain-Friendly Cultures
White Paper

The Neurobiology
of Coaching

Radical change in the coaching profession to meet the needs of the Future of Work.

In this White Paper, strategist, leadership expert and executive coach, Katharine McLennan, discusses the business case for expanding your coaching skills and learning new perspectives.

Topics Covered down-circle-4  

  • An overview of why becoming a certified ‘brain-friendly coach’ will supercharge your practice.
  • Grappling with the meaning of work as we face an unprecedented level of depression and anxiety.
  • The challenge of choreographing how we work in the relativity of time and space.
  • The future of work capabilities in the face of constant advances in Artificial Intelligence.
  • The new business context requires that an executive coach has an understanding of neurobiology, wellbeing and brain-friendly practices.
  • How the i4 Neuroleader™ Model, Methodology & Assessment provides a thorough end-to-end mechanism to make coaching more potent.
  • The reasons why the way organisations work with coaches needs to shift.

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