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Neurobiology of Coaching, Wellbeing & Brain-Friendly Practices

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For 2024 Cohort
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Mid-August, 2024
Program length
6 - 12 months online

Expand your coaching skills and learn new processes to transform your practice.

Become a ‘brain-friendly coach’ and help your clients be more conscious, productive, healthier and happier by developing the abilities of brain & body  integration ,  inspiration ,  imagination  &  intuition. 

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Designed for professionals from all walks of life.


The Diploma of Neurobiology of Coaching, Wellbeing & Brain-Friendly Practices has been designed with the most current insights from neuroscience and biology in mind.

This program will help you acquire a ‘neurocoaching mindset’ and allow you to go deeper into how to evolve the competencies of performance, collaboration, innovation and agility once your clients receive their  i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment results.


Our program includes business leaders, health practitioners, scientists and researchers. 

You will have the opportunity to learn from incredible experts who are frequent contributors across a variety of fascinating fields.

Fred Travis
Kaushik Ram
Anna Bligh
Silvia Damiano
Misty Melvine
Ricardo Gonzalez Escobar
Judith Glaser
David McCubbin
Juan Carlos Cubeiro
Katharine McLennan
Skander Malcolm
Gus Rickard
Sue Langley
Mark Hodgson
Bruce Cryer
Grant Soosalu
Jay Vidyarthi
Sylvie Minot
Dr. Carmel Harrington
Dr Robert Schnider
Dr Robert Johnson
Dr. Emeran Myer
Chris Berka
katharine mclennan

The Neurobiology of Coaching

Faculty Member:
Katharine McLennan

Interview By Founder:
Silvia Damiano

kaushik ram

The Neurobiology of Performance

Faculty Member:
Dr Kaushik Ram

Interview By Founder:
Silvia Damiano


Using Brain Health Knowledge In Coaching

Faculty Member:
Flor Pedrola

Interview By Founder:
Silvia Damiano

gus rickard

From Microbes to Mood: How the Gut-Brain Axis Shapes Your Health

Faculty Member:
Gus Rickard

Interview By Founder:
Silvia Damiano


Wait, is this program really for me?

This program is aimed at coaches who are looking to make the transition from traditional coaching to ‘neurocoaching’. However, if you are a professional who is starting out in the coaching world, this Diploma will provide you with a fantastic foundation if you elect to undertake further coaching or teacher trainer studies. 

If you are already an i4 Practitioner who has completed or is in the process of completing the i4 Neuroleader™ Certification, you can upgrade to the Diploma and become a ‘brain-friendly coach’, as this program builds on the knowledge and skills acquired during the certification. This Diploma is relevant if you are a

  • Leadership consultant & facilitator
  • HR, L&D, OD and team development professional
  • Change agent and culture transformation specialist
  • Talent & human potential strategist
  • Executive coach, life coach, mentor and educator
  • Wellbeing health coach, trainer or Yoga teacher
  • Psychologist or Therapist
  • Student of management and related disciplines
  • Entrepreneur and business leader
  • Team leader & manager
  • Innovation coach
  • Agile methodologies consultant
  • Product manager & strategic advisor
  • Service design & design thinking specialist
Here's what you get

When you join our diploma:

Everything in our certification program

All the features and benefits that are outlined in the i4 Neuroleader™ Certification are included in the Diploma, as well as the 12 months access to the i4 Practitioner License. To learn more about all the inclusions, download our Program Guide

Valued at US$3,060

4 x complimentary assessments

In addition to the 2 x assessments you receive as part of the i4 Neuroleader™ Certification, we will provide you with 4 x additional complimentary assessments for you to complete the coaching assignments as well as a remeasure for yourself.

Total value US$1,180


Become a ‘Brain-Friendly Coach’

Our Diploma pricing includes the i4 Neuroleader™ Certification (an asynchronous component valued at US$2,175) and then a synchronous 6-month program delivered every week starting on August 2nd, 2023. If you are already certified, click here to upgrade!

Pay in full


Save 15% with 1 single payment

Pay over 4 months


Payment Plan Total = US$4,772

Local sales TAX is calculated based on billing address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Points

Industry recognised & globally accredited 

The Diploma component is worth 60 accredited ICF CCE hours with the International Coaching Federation (47 CC + 13 RD). In addition, since the i4 Neuroleader™ Certification is included in this program, you will gain 48 hours (33 CC + 15 RD).

Total = 80 Core Competency + 33 Resource Development

Regarding CPD credits, this Diploma only provides a total of 48 hours for the certification component.

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47 Hours

Core Competencies


13 Hours

Resource Development


60 Hours

Total Length

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