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The i4 Neuroleader Online Course is a 4 hour video-based leadership training program that teaches you how to become a more creative and effective leader at work and in life.

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Leadership is in human nature and the skills to lead inspirationally & effectively can be learnt. The world needs leaders more than ever and you can certainly become one.

The economic landscape has changed and work environments have become more complex than we ever imagined, with the pressure to perform more with less. New advances from different scientific fields are helping us better understand how our brains & bodies function and the incredible impact they have on the way we lead.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, educator, change agent or business leader, understanding your biology will help you gain insights into yourself which will allow you to re-evaluate your thinking in order to make better decisions, motivate others and acquire a new perspective on life.

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Imagining the future, planning, prioritising, regulating our emotions and being aware of our behaviours are some of the functions that the brain is capable of producing. Learning the secrets of how to optimise our brain’s performance has now become critical in the development of a leader.

About Our Online Course

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The i4 Neuroleader Course is a self-paced interactive online program based on the book ‘Leadership is Upside Down: i4 Neuroleader Revolution’, which challenges leaders and the everyday person to re-define what leadership needs to look like in the 21st Century.

In this book, award-winning leadership expert, filmmaker & author Silvia Damiano proposes a novel approach & methodology to re-awaken the leadership powers within us, the i4 Neuroleader Model.

This cutting edge, neurobiology-based course includes the powerful i4 Neuroleader Assessment which measures the competencies of Performance, Collaboration, Innovation and Agility and the sixteen underpinning leadership abilities of the i4 Model, which are all required to lead in the Imagination Age.

Taking the time to identify our core abilities and learning how to apply them to what we do, are the initial steps in any leadership journey. Join our team of experts who will share their insights on how to develop creative, inspirational and effective leadership.

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    Measure your leadership abilities

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    Identify your True Strengths

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    Pinpoint Potential Limitations

Leadership has Changed

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Investing in your personal growth can help you achieve your vision while inspiring those around you to do the same.

What People Say

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Sally Wernham ron swartch francoise nicoloff geoff martin gina hajdu blythe rowe

The i4 Neuroleader Program & Model offers a holistic approach to human potential. By integrating elements of the brain, heart and gut, it takes a transformative approach to growth and development, acknowledging all aspects of the characteristics needed to thrive in our Imagination Age.

Sally Wernham

Education Expert

The power of the i4 Neuroleader approach is that we can very simply understand why we do what we do, not just as leaders, but as whole people.


Leadership Consultant

The i4 Neuroleader Online Course is an amazing program that any individual can and should experience to gain a better understanding of what they can do to grow as a person and express the best of who they are.

Francoise Nicoloff

Brain & Hearing Expert

Simple, logical and amazing navigation. The reporting function alone puts this 360° tool at the top of the list. It is also differentiated by personal leadership and development, which includes the latest research on the brain where there is so much more potential to tap into.

Geoff Martin

Senior HR Professional

i4 gives you the opportunity from a holistic perspective to recognise your personal leadership gaps. Backed by the latest science, it identifies a clear path forward for development. You can get on and make productive changes using this tool.

Gina Hajdu

Leadership Coach

The work that the About my Brain team have done is unbelievable! The i4 Neuroleader Program & Model is unique, tangible & so relevant in today's working environment. The program itself is amazing!

Blythe Rowe

Speaker, Trainer & Author

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The i4 Neuroleader Online Course has been rolled out with various organisations globally!

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AITD Finalist 2018 Award

Our online course is part of the i4 Neuroleader Program for teams & leaders. It has been voted as one of the Best Leadership Development Programs by the Australian Institute of Training & Development in 2018.

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