Meet the family!

Their mission? To advance leadership development and personal transformation by tapping into the power of our brain, heart, body and spirit.

About the Oracle Cards Project.

This project was created to offer insights to individuals from every background, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery through the intertwining of mythology, leadership, and neuroscience.

Presented with exquisite artwork, these cards ignite the imagination and illuminate the many facets of the self. Silvia, Relmi, and Sacha have channeled their collective knowledge for developing people and leaders into creating these extraordinary cards.

The vision.

As founders of the About my Brain™ Institute, their vision is to create a brain-friendly world where people are more conscious, productive, healthier, and happier, with the capacity to think beyond self, act courageously and make compassionate choices.

Science meets spirit.

What distinguishes this Oracle Card Deck is the incorporation of scientifically grounded principles and the abilities from the i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology, which indicate how we can access the potential of our intuition, imagination, inspiration and the integration of our mind, brain and body to foster personal growth.