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Millennia-old wisdom.

This captivating collection of 96 Oracle Cards seamlessly blends artistic splendor with insights from nature, offering you a gateway to tap into the profound power of animal guidance.  Each card is a masterpiece designed to resonate with your heart’s deepest rhythms and lead you toward introspection, inspiration and intuitive revelations.

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A dance between intuition and knowledge.

These Oracle Cards are powerful tools for introspection, guidance and personal growth. Delving into the world of spirit animals allows individuals to connect with the primal energies and wisdom of nature. When you draw a Spirit Animal card, you are inviting the essence of that creature into your life.

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Explore an abundance of valuable insights.

To enrich your Oracle Card reading journey, the “Spirit Animals” Deck offers a distinctive feature: an individual QR code located on the back of each card. Our website provides comprehensive explanations that extend beyond the introductory guidebook included with the cards. This allows you to delve deeper into various interpretations and discover their powerful applications, enhancing your experience.

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Spirit Animals Oracle Cards - About my Brain Institute

Oracle Cards to tap into the wisdom of the natural world.

Introducing the “Spirit Animals” collection by About my Brain™, where you will encounter a variety of energies from the animal kingdom that will guide you through the realms of wisdom.