The i4 Neuroleader Methodology

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A holistic leadership development and wellbeing methodology to create brain-friendly workplaces.

The i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology is a neurobiology-based set of strategic and practical processes to enhance wellbeing and optimise leadership  performance ,  collaboration ,  innovation   and  agility  with the aim of developing brain-friendly leaders, teams and cultures.

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Apply a science-based approach to develop the human behind the leader.

The i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology has been adopted globally and applied in various industries with the purpose of creating more sustainable, conscious, healthier, happier and productive workplaces.


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The future of work
is here!

We are witnessing a new world in the making.

In the next decade years, every industry on the planet will have to be redesigned. This requires brain power, creativity, collaboration, agility and most importantly a new leadership style. We need new cities, new sustainable energy, new mobility, a new supply chain infrastructure, food, education and health for 9.7 billion people.

The business models of the 20th Century are no longer sufficient. Organisations and governments right now and in the future need to play by different rules, including how we lead our societies. Talent has to be empowered so the new abilities required for the future are optimised and developed.

We propose a novel and cost-effective approach to re-awaken the leadership powers within us.

The i4 Neuroleader™ Model & Methodology has been designed for both aspiring and established leaders in public and private sectors, entrepreneurs, change agents, coaches, facilitators, educators or those who are curious about learning how to enhance their personal leadership and optimise their brain function and wellbeing.

Get started on this journey by learning more about the ‘i4 abilities’:

4 reasons why this methodology works.

Future Fit

Being future fit requires we learn how to pivot in times of change, work with diverse people across the globe and manage ourselves to remain calm, productive and creative. The i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology offers the understanding of how we function as human beings. Without it, our evolution is limited.

Based on Science

The concepts that support the i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology are based on the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, mind/brain development, gut health, sleep, meditation, body movement, biohacking and neurofeedback.


The i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology draws upon aspects of neuroleadership, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, organisational development, strategic innovation, user-centered design, play, change management and agile methodologies.

Scalable & Sustainable

The i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology is a system for culture transformation that can be deployed to any number of people and is progressively embedded through time to create sustainable change in the areas of leadership effectiveness, workplace engagement, mental health and wellbeing.


Let’s create a brain-friendly workplace for everyone.

Find out how the i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology can be systematically deployed to transform the culture of your organisation with the aim of maximising profitability & wellbeing.

Get to know our thinking. Download our Manifesto!


Industry Recognised​​ & Award-Winning

Our i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology & Program:​

  • Won 8 international film festival awards for the documentary ‘Make Me A Leader’ (part of our program).
  • Voted as one of the best leadership development programs by the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) for the work conducted with the Australian Stock Exchange.
  • Recognised in Virgin Unite’s ‘100% Human At Work’ annual publication.
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Kim Ellis
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About my Brain Institute’s work is outstanding, providing a new and creative way to look at our leadership and personal effectiveness. Their research combined with an engaging approach made the program both useful and enjoyable. The i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment helped my team understand our capabilities, but more importantly, gave us the tools to make positive changes in the way we lead.

Kim Ellis
Executive Director
Sydney Royal Botanic Garden


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Latest Article on Performance


Leadership Is Upside Down

The i4 Neuroleader™ Revolution
A Book & Workbook for leaders and followers. The companion to the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment.
eBook PDF available for download when you sign up to the i4 Neuroleader Platform.
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Leadership Is Upside Down

The i4 Neuroleader™ Compendium
A Compendium for coaches and consultants. A neurocoaching tool for debriefing the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment.
eBook PDF available for download when you sign up to the i4 Neuroleader Platform.
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White Paper (NEW)

The Neurobiology of Coaching

Radical change in the coaching profession to meet the needs of the Future of Work.
A White Paper that discusses the business case for expanding your coaching skills and learning new perspectives.
PDF available for free download, click below!


Leadership is Upside Down & A VUCA World

The need for proactive individuals who are self-led is on the rise
Long gone are the days when leadership was the responsibility of only a few individuals at the top of an organisation and the brain was a mystery.
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Latest Article on Collaboration


Brain-Friendly Leadership

The 9 Habits of a Future Fit Mind
Each chapter begins with questions you may have never asked yourself before. You are encouraged to answer and even journal your answers as you begin or continue your path as a ‘neuroleader’. 
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Creating The i4 Neuroleader™ Model

An interview with the creator of i4
The i4 Neuroleader™ Model takes into account brain and body processes that have been relegated and in many cases forgotten when it comes to leadership and management practices.
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Building Brain-Friendly Leaders, Teams and Cultures

The i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology

A Manifesto outlining the philosophy behind the i4 Neuroleader™ Model and Methodology.

PDF available for free download, click below!
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Latest Article on Innovation

Latest Article on Agility

White Paper

Building Leaders for the Imagination Age

The Case for the i4 Neuroleader™ Model
A White Paper that explores a new understanding of how we best function as human beings.
PDF available for download below!
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Creating the ‘Make Me A Leader’ Documentary

An interview with the director

In the ‘Make Me A Leader’ Documentary, Silvia Damiano proposes the idea of everyone embracing their own leadership to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities that the Imagination Age presents.

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Virtual Book Launch: Brain-Friendly Leadership

An interview with the authors

Watch the virtual book launch of ‘Brain-Friendly Leadership: The 9 Habits of a Future Fit Mind’. This publication offers the latest thinking on the bridge between the human brain and leadership.

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