“Imagining the future starts in your brain, having the courage to implement what you imagine resides in your gut, making it happen is only possible with the passion of your heart.”

Silvia Damiano

Founder & CEO of the
About my Brain Institute,
award-winning leadership activist, scientist, educator, author, filmmaker, speaker & coach.

Silvia Damiano’s scientific background and curiosity about the human brain led her to a decade long journey of research into optimal brain functioning and the application of neuroscience in leadership and daily life. Her past and current roles have uniquely prepared her for the current undertaking, that of leadership activist & change agent.

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Speaking Topics

Audiences are guaranteed to walk away feeling informed, inspired and motivated to implement changes in their lives and at work.


Leading in the Imagination Age requires people to embrace their own leadership and nurture the competencies that will help them sustain their performance in this fast-paced innovation economy. Find out how to transition to this new era of work and rewire your brain to become a more creative leader.


Becoming an inspirational human being is the secret ingredient to developing collaborative partnerships and true engagement. As organisations start to rely less on hierarchy and more on global project teams coming together in a short time frame, understanding people’s triggers and motivations has become more critical than ever before.



How can we go from suboptimal to optimal performance despite increased stress levels all around us? Which are some of the latest findings from neuroscience and related fields that can help us understand how to remain calm but also be effective when negotiating, dealing with customers and leading our teams?


Creating brain-friendly cultures depends on the brains of everyone who are part of a team or organisation. Without a fit ‘brain and body system’, people simply lack the energy to drive innovation and stagnation can occur, affecting the bottom line. Understanding how our own system is performing and educating others to do the same is the first step in taking the culture of any place to new heights.


Some of the habits many people have developed in recent years are creating unnecessary levels of tension and stress. Being connected 24/7, for example, affects the quality of our sleep, mood and even creativity. This presentation covers the latest research from the fields of wellbeing and neuroscience applied to our daily lives. Participants will learn and walk away with loads of tips on how to keep their brains and bodies in harmony even under pressure.


Change is part of our human existence. Today, however, the pace of change demands increased levels of adaptability which is generating significant pressure in everyone. Are you able to increase your capacity to change with the tools you currently have? Perhaps the time has arrived to activate your executive intuition and become more agile and responsive.


Silvia in Action

Silvia delivered 13 workshops for us at NAB and has been an absolute delight to work with. It’s not just her knowledge of neuroscience but also her passion for the brain that shines through in her delivery. And it’s this passion that makes what could be a very dry subject entertaining and leaves people wanting more. Silvia is easy to work with and open to feedback. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to harness brain power, especially at a leadership level.

Kirsty Freeman
HR Consultant
National Australia Bank

We engaged Silvia and the About my Brain Institute to support the development of our high performance executive team with a new and innovative approach. It proved to be the right decision. Silvia’s work was outstanding, providing a new and creative way to look at our leadership and personal effectiveness. Her scientific credibility, combined with an engaging and approachable personality, made the program both useful and enjoyable. The 360 degree assessment and Silvia's debrief helped all of us to understand our capabilities, but more importantly gave us the tools to make positive changes in the way we lead. Silvia was a joy to work with and we have decided to engage her to support further leadership development programs.

Kim Ellis
Australian Antarctic Division

As a Conference Producer, I'm always on the lookout for talented speakers who can speak authentically about and inspiring story. Silvia meets each of those requirements and was an incredible addition to our event. She speaks with passion and purpose about her subject and connected with the audience. We were thrilled to include her as a keynote speaker at our conference. Her style and content are universal to any crowd. In this instance, she spoke to an audience of maintenance and reliability professionals and made as much of an impact as any other speaker. Silvia has spoken at our conferences around the world and we're always lucky to include such a renowned expert.

Erick Randolph
Content Strategist
Unboxed Training & Technology

Silvia Damiano is a shining light in the field of human development. Her work is extremely well-researched and bears the hallmarks of the trained scientist that she is. As a consultant she is instinctive and highly creative. As a facilitator she has a warm and highly personable style that disarms and engages even the most resistant participant. As a collaborator she is generous, inspiring and exacting. I find it easy to be creative when working with Silvia.

David McCubbin
Corporate Dramatist

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is a multi-award-winning co-curricular program that Macquarie University students can elect to undertake alongside their degree. Silvia has been a Convenor within the Program's Colloquium Series since 2017, and her Colloquium 'i4 Neuroleader Model: the leadership abilities for the 21st Century' was consistently booked out, receiving positive feedback from students, and has left a lasting impression on the Series. We are grateful for her contribution and impact on the Program over the last few years, and she will always be considered a part of the wonderful GLP-community of past and present staff, convenors, and students.

Vivian Chordi
Macquarie University
Global Leadership Program Advisor

I was thoroughly inspired at Silvia's Blue Alive workshop, which was filled with practical information and engaging hands on exercises. Her presentation skills were excellent, and made learning fun and easy. I highly recommend everyone to jump at the chance of working with Silvia and certainly look forward to attending more of her workshops.

Nicole Greentree
Social Media Manager
NAB Wealth


Energetic, creative, original, inspirational, professional, fun. These are the first words that spring to mind when thinking of Silvia. I have the pleasure of having known her for nearly 2 years and have co-facilitated a good number of sessions with her since. Having worked with a number of the best leadership specialists in Australia, I would certainly count Silvia amongst them. However, when it comes to creativity and the flexibility to adjust programs midstream based on what happens in the group, I have seen no equal.

Maurizio Floris
Program Director
John Grill Centre for Project Leadership


Silvia is an exceptional speaker on leadership. She has presented for The Eventful Group on a number of occasions, always rating as one of our best speakers. Silvia's inclusive and interactive style is refreshing and invigorating, whilst her content is a balance of science and inspiration that will appeal to everybody in the room.

Sophia Sipsma
Senior Producer
The Eventful Group


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Inspirational, engaging
and extremely knowledgeable!

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Silvia Damiano


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