What Happens When the Brain is Too Tired to Perform?

by Silvia Damiano on 13 October 2021

What Happens When the Brain is Too Tired to Perform?

When we sleep, our brains are essentially flushed with cerebral spinal fluids, which may help clear out toxins that accumulate in the brain.1 Tired leaders may feel as if they are effective, but in reality, tiredness results in more mistakes and a decreased work pace. Our leadership a …

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How Dancing Changed My Mental And Physical Health

by Relmi Damiano on 6 February 2020

How Dancing Changed My Mental And Physical Health - About my Brain Institute

Humans have engaged in dance for thousands of years across the entire world to tell stories, show their cultural heritage or religious beliefs and explore emotions. There is no doubt that dance helps us express creative expression and an entire range of feelings from sadness and grief …

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Looking For A Fountain Of Youth? Try Exercise

by Silvia Damiano on 12 December 2019

Looking For A Fountain Of Youth? Try Exercise - About my Brain Institute

Most people who lead a more sedentary lifestyle are probably aware of the benefits of exercise. Why do so many people not exercise then? Figuring out why we seem so reluctant to hit the gym may help bring balance to the workplace when so many people work jobs which do not encourage mu …

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Biohacking Your Body for Better Sleep

by Silvia Damiano on 7 May 2019

Biohacking-Your-Body-for-Better-Sleep - About my Brain Institute

The term “biohacking” may bring nefarious images to your mind, such as criminals sneaking around trying to take over your body. While this notion may be dangerous and even a little seductive, in reality, wellness coaches mean something else entirely. Biohacking means optimising your t …

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4 Tips To Bring Back Your Balance

by Silvia Damiano on 23 April 2019

4-Tips-To-Bring-Back-Your-Balance- About my Brain Institute

For many, balance means the tightrope tricks needed to properly invest time into work and personal endeavours. However, the idea of balance extends to how we prepare our minds and bodies to perform at their best, not only at work but also with our friends and family. The ideal balance …

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Bring Balance Back to Your Life with the i4 Neuroleader Model

by Samantha Z. Dzabic on 29 January 2019

Bring-Balance-Back-to-Your-Life-With-The-i4-Neuroleader-Model - About my Brain Institute

I was excited to participate in the Program with Silvia Damiano because I have a background in psychology and also organisational behaviour. I thought this would be a repeat of what I already knew about brain physiology & plasticity - but now I realise I was very wrong.

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Business Woman Media: How to keep your mind/body/brain in balance for success

by Press Room on 25 November 2018


Everyone seems to constantly look for balance in their lives. It’s almost as if we walk a tightrope, and we sometimes desperately fight to stay on while stressors constantly pummel us. For women, the tightrope is often even narrower and less forgiving. Keeping the mind/body/brain bala …

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It’s Not About Time Management, It’s About Mind Management

by Silvia Damiano on 30 October 2018

Its-Not-About-Time-Management-Its-About-Mind-Management - About my Brain Institute

The expression “work smarter, not harder” has been around since it was first used by Allen F. Morgenstern in the 1930s.1 As technology and automation have increased, so has productivity. Workers are continuously expected to do more and more, at the expense of their personal lives and …

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Understanding The Value Of A Leadership Journey

by Silvia Damiano on 12 June 2018

Understanding-The-Value-Of-A-Leadership-Journey - About my Brain Institute

Play hard and work hard. This is the view that many people feel is relevant to their lives, but this kind of attitude brings up a false sense of the challenges they face in the world. Instead of frantically rushing from one point to another, effective leaders should slow down, watch, …

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Life Is Richer When We Embrace The Leader Within

by Silvia Damiano on 5 June 2018

Life Is Richer When We Embrace The Leader Within - About my Brain Institute

If I think about my leadership journey as a sequence of events to experience, I rarely envision a straight line. Rather, I picture a flowing river that travels down a mountain, bending and adapting to the surface of a rugged terrain. Maybe you prefer to think about yours as a hand-dra …

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Learning To Balance - The Key To Productivity & Innovation

by Ron Swartch on 24 April 2018

Learning-To-Balance---The-Key-To-Productivity-&-Innovation - About my Brain Institute

Integrating neuroscience and leadership can produce the kinds of leaders that are needed in the collaborative, fast-paced business world of today. While many models and options are available, finding one that incorporates science and focuses on the whole person is key. The and will he …

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Breathe Deep And Take Some Time To Focus On You

by Silvia Damiano on 14 December 2017


Has anyone ever run up to you and asked what you are going to do next? Maybe it’s your partner, hungry for dinner. Or maybe it’s your boss, ready with another task. While we all have to face our responsibilities, sometimes it’s okay to take a moment for yourself and just do nothing. S …

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