Game On! The Neuroscience Behind The Popularity Of Games

by Marigo Raftopoulos on 30 December 2010

Games are one of the oldest past times known to humanity. Over the centuries games have been used to teach problem solving and survival skills, socialize community members and of course - to entertain and have fun! However recent developments in gaming technology, interactive media, d …

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Propensity Prevails

by Gail Eaton-Briggs on 13 December 2010

How does a most self conscious girl in Grade 6 manoeuvre through the ups and downs of life to arrive at a place where her leadership skills are noticed? How does the 22 year old with a new born baby and a critically ill husband with an acquired brain injury work through the turmoil of …

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Working Across Cultures

by Silvia Damiano on 13 December 2010

While working these past two weeks in Spain running workshops and presenting seminars on how we can use the knowledge of the brain in organizations - we came across a very talented glass blower who has been sculpting for 30 years. His studio is in a very pretty area called “Spanish Vi …

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