A Leadership Model According To Neuroscience

by Juan Carlos Cubeiro on 5 May 2015

thumb-A-Leadership-Model-According-To Neuroscience

In the former Convent of Boadilla - Spain, we have been working with Silvia Damiano’s i4 Model, on Leadership and Team Development.

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Being Vulnerable Connects Us

by Juan Carlos Cubeiro on 4 May 2015


Today and tomorrow we are at the Old Convent of Boadilla outside Madrid, in a Team Coaching Session for our Senior Management Team led by Silvia Damiano.

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i4 Tales 2015: Creating Brain Friendly Cultures

by Silvia Damiano on 4 May 2015

When we think of collaboration, we know it involves the coming together of two or more people to do work, undertake a project or achieve a common goal, but often we overlook that it is also where an exchange of energy, words and thoughts start.

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