Nurture Yourself & Sleep Will Nurture You

by The About my Brain Institute on 23 April 2015

It’s the age-old debate – how much sleep do we really need? For many of us, the importance of sleep is often overlooked, as we endeavour to cram more and more into our busy lifestyles and already packed schedules.

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Not Another Article About Leadership Development

by Katharine McLennan on 21 April 2015


VUCA. Mindful Leadership. Neuroleadership. Vertical and Horizontal Development. Conscious Capitalism. The Nine-Box. Emotional Resilience. Measuring Potential. Long Term Talent Pipeline. Spiritual Intelligence. Social Intelligence. Integral Coaching. Systems Thinking... If you don’t kn …

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Change Makers Vs. Change Resisters

by The About my Brain Institute on 13 April 2015

For many of us, dinner table talk usually invites questions surrounding how your day was and invites us to divulge the good aspects, but imagine growing up having your parents asking, “What did you fail at today kids?” Ok, so you may be thinking that sounds rather negative - but have …

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Look For Greatness, Constantly

by The About my Brain Institute on 9 April 2015

Learning to be an influencer can be a challenging task for many, but its value in both leadership and everyday life is significant. One of the greatest misconceptions about influence is how we approach it.

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