Shining Bright

by Joanne Keen on 25 April 2017


There is a wonderful phrase in Zulu “Sawubona” meaning “I see you, the true you.” Far too often, the first things that we see in the mirror are all the things that we aren’t as to all the things that we are, all the things that we haven’t achieved as to all the things that we have, al …

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A Journey From The Classroom To Cambodia

by Silvia Damiano on 20 April 2017


I became a teacher because I want to share my passion and love for science with children. I want to pass on the spark of inspiration that my teachers from childhood had given me. I hope that my kids feel a sense of wonder and ask a million questions. I also want my students to be kind …

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Stronger After The Storm

by Katie Hancock on 18 April 2017


My name is Katie Hancock I am a 40 year old mother of two beautiful, crazy boys, I have two degrees, in Science and Psychology, and I am part way through a Masters of Neuroscience. I have over 15 years experience in strategic HR, 7 years at management level, and in October 2015 I suff …

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Opening Your Mind To The Wonders Of Your Imagination

by Silvia Damiano on 13 April 2017


Have you ever wished you could fall down the rabbit hole, step through the wardrobe or catch the train at platform 9 3/4? Have you ever doodled a cool new spaceship or built a tree house in your mind? Imagination makes our world an even more spectacular place.

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The Advantages Of Adversity

by Alison Pate on 11 April 2017


I can guarantee that everyone of you and everyone you know has, is, or will face adversity at some point in their lives. When this happens to us, we have an opportunity to choose how we approach this. Do we view this as a challenge to help us learn and grow, or do we allow this to har …

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Intuition - Why It's Time To Listen To Our Third Brain!

by Mark Hodgson on 6 April 2017

Intuition - Why It's Time To Listen To Our Third Brain! - About my Brain Institute

General Colin Powell is widely acknowledged as an excellent military and political leader. He invokes a rule around decision-making where P = 40-70. P is the probability of success and 40-70 the percentage of information required to make a decision.

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The Heart Of Co-Creation

by Kaushik Ram on 4 April 2017


What are our hopes, dreams, visions and intentions? Perhaps more generically, what are our thoughts and where do they come form? Our thought forms can take the shape of daydreaming, imagination or visualization.

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