Mark Hodgson

Mark Hodgson

Mark Hodgson comes from an international corporate leadership background. He is one of our i4 Partners and runs his own leadership practise. A natural disruptor, he helps executives and consultants to position themselves as leading influencers. He also volunteers as a Telephone Crisis Support worker for Lifeline.

Mark is an Executive Coach, keynote Speaker and the Author. His first book is: ‘Time to Shine: Adapting who you are and what you know to succeed in the ideas economy’.

Posts by Mark Hodgson

Drive - The Key To Making Innovation Work

by Mark Hodgson on 24 October 2017


Drive refers to having the strength and perseverance to pursue the action required to attain a desired goal. It’s the energy that makes everything else happen and its absence leaves a lot of disparate parts – ideas, people, resources - that never quite come together.

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Communication – The Essence Connection

by Mark Hodgson on 31 August 2017


Communication is one of those elemental things, like breathing or water that’s so essential to our existence that we often take it for granted. This means it is often taken as a given. Yet anyone who has spent any time in an organisation or as part of a team will have experienced very …

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Balance – The Secret Recipe For High Performance

by Mark Hodgson on 18 July 2017


We have noticed that many successful executives, working in high-performing and growing businesses are showing a genuine interest in their staff’s wellbeing because they understand that this is an indicator of productivity. However, approximately 70%+ are still struggling to establish …

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Awareness – The Key To Knowing What’s Really Going On?

by Mark Hodgson on 4 July 2017


In a world of open-plan workspaces, headphones and café meetings where everyone is ‘heads down’ in their device, it’s easy for our awareness levels to drop. Learning to pay attention, observe and understand the impact of our reactions, strengths and weaknesses, can significantly influ …

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Imagination – The Key To Unlocking Our Future Leaders Success And Happiness

by Mark Hodgson on 20 June 2017


We now live in the ‘Imagination Age’. In response to this, our leaders must evolve. They must become ‘neuroleaders’. These are people who complement conventional leadership capabilities by leading also with the brain in mind.

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Equipping Ourselves For Adversity

by Mark Hodgson on 16 May 2017


In our crazy world, it’s easy to become over-stretched. The gravity of ‘busy’ drags us away from nurturing vital parts of our lives. We need to regain balance. It’s about building strengths in five areas – Physical, Family, Social, Emotional and Spiritual – and developing the perspect …

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Inspiration – The Key To Unlocking Your Leadership Brilliance

by Mark Hodgson on 11 May 2017


Collaboration is a politically correct word that gets thrown around in meetings and company reports, but is rarely contemplated deeply. It’s as if we assume that everyone knows what collaboration is and how it should be done. But why should that be?

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Integration – Joined Up Thinking For Body And Mind

by Mark Hodgson on 27 April 2017


As leaders when we pay little attention to developing all parts of our minds and body, we can loose out on the amazing benefits that an integrated human system can provide.

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Intuition - Why It's Time To Listen To Our Third Brain!

by Mark Hodgson on 6 April 2017

Intuition - Why It's Time To Listen To Our Third Brain! - About my Brain Institute

General Colin Powell is widely acknowledged as an excellent military and political leader. He invokes a rule around decision-making where P = 40-70. P is the probability of success and 40-70 the percentage of information required to make a decision.

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Adaptability – And Why We Need It In Our Talent Toolbox

by Mark Hodgson on 10 January 2017


Attempting to stay ahead in the change game is a dizzying task. There’s so much going on in every direction and it’s impossible to follow everything. But there are some clear trends. One of them is that big cumbersome organisations are increasingly losing out to smaller, more adaptabl …

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Attitude – The Special Sauce For Change Success

by Mark Hodgson on 28 November 2016


Wouldn’t you rather have an inexperienced but teachable employee with a great attitude than someone more experienced who will give a thousand reasons why something will not work? After all we are now living in the Imagination Age where attitude trumps expertise!

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Mental Readiness – Time To Get Our Brains Ready To Perform

by Mark Hodgson on 21 November 2016


Most of us give little thought to mentally preparing ourselves to perform at work. Driven by unquestioned processes and rituals (e.g. meetings), we rush unthinkingly from one task to the next.

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