Advice And Feedback And Counsel! Oh My!

by Tony Pottle on 23 January 2011

Advice. Feedback. Performance Review. Words that send cold shivers up most people’s spines. We should be eager to accept feedback from others, and know that we can really improve by incorporating other people’s points of view. But our brains get in the way.

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When Something Goes Wrong – A True Story

by Silvia Damiano on 9 January 2011

Six months ago, while running a workshop in Brisbane, one of the participants from the program, a brave husband and father of two and also a talented writer, told me a story about the illness of his wife Tania. She was just recovering from brain surgery.

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An Understanding Of (ADT) The Attention Deficit Trait

by Katharine McLennan on 9 January 2011

In January 2005, the Harvard Business Review published an article called “Overloaded Circuits: Why Smart People Underperform.” Its description of the executive being bombarded by emails, Blackberry beeps, voicemails, constant interruptions, back-to-back meetings and deadlines that nev …

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