Smart Company: Six Tips To Redefine Your Leadership Style

by Press Room on 26 November 2018


Leadership plays a critical role in nearly all aspects of social, political and business endeavours. No matter how large or small the organisation, poor leadership can result in repercussions that span years, and even decades.

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Business Woman Media: How to keep your mind/body/brain in balance for success

by Press Room on 25 November 2018


Everyone seems to constantly look for balance in their lives. It’s almost as if we walk a tightrope, and we sometimes desperately fight to stay on while stressors constantly pummel us. For women, the tightrope is often even narrower and less forgiving. Keeping the mind/body/brain bala …

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If You Want Something Different, Do Something Different

by Sandra Williams on 20 November 2018

If-You-Want-Something-Different,-Do-Something-Different - About my Brain Institute

“If you want something different, do something different,” words that have guided my decisions over the last few years. Those are the words that lead me on the path to seek out a different way to develop the skills and confidence needed to not only guide individuals but those in leade …

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Business Woman Media: Rewiring Your Brain For Confidence

by Press Room on 18 November 2018


The idea of change can bring up a myriad of emotions. Sometimes, it feels great to venture out on an undiscovered trail or to accept a new position halfway around the world. But other times, we fear making changes and resist, even to our own detriment.

Read Story Saying Sorry Won’t Help Women Break The Glass Ceiling

by Press Room on 15 November 2018


There is one word women say too often and it’s hindering their ability to break the glass ceiling. Founder of the About My Brain Institute and neuroleadership expert Silvia Damiano has worked in across a variety of global industries, helping teams and organisations improve business pe …

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3 Tips To Become A More Inspirational Leader

by Silvia Damiano on 13 November 2018

3-Tips-To-Become-A-More-Inspirational-Leader - About my Brain Institute

Inspiration begins from within. A leader cannot hope to be inspiring to others if he or she is missing that fountain of passion, innovation, and creativity hidden in the brain. Modern leadership requires a new skill set to motivate employees. Neuroscience can help leaders integrate th …

Read Story Are Leaders Born Or Made?

by Press Room on 10 November 2018


For some, leadership seems to come naturally, whereas for many others, leadership seems unattainable and daunting. According to Deloitte Trends Report, 56% of companies believe that they are not ready to meet their leadership needs in the future.

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Business Woman Media: Letting go of perfectionism to increase your effectiveness

by Press Room on 10 November 2018


In leadership, perfection can sometimes be both positive and negative. Reaping the benefits of your labor and feeling that warm glow of success is exhilarating. But, when perfection requires an exactness that is often not possible in business, it becomes an anchor, pulling down the sk …

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Learning To Not Be A ‘Yes’ Person

by Silvia Damiano on 6 November 2018

Learning-To-Not-Be-A-Yes-Person - About my Brain Institute

When someone asks to pass the salt, it’s common courtesy to pass the salt. But what if someone asks you to type a report (that isn’t your responsibility), or to walk their dog (on your break), or to stay a little late to finish up (when you are salary & not hourly)? Do you automat …

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