Mental Readiness – Time To Get Our Brains Ready To Perform

by Mark Hodgson on 21 November 2016


Most of us give little thought to mentally preparing ourselves to perform at work. Driven by unquestioned processes and rituals (e.g. meetings), we rush unthinkingly from one task to the next.

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Explore Your Intuition for Agile Living

by Silvia Damiano on 17 November 2016


Gut feelings, hunches and... intuitive insights. Often dismissed, they are part of the human ability called ‘intuition'. You may have noticed the discomfort of your boss if you've ever asked him or her to trust you because you were certain a proposal would work out.

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Courage – A Business Essential In Our Brave New World

by Mark Hodgson on 7 November 2016


Generally when we think about courage, we tend to picture heroic gestures, like a lifeguard running into crashing waves to save someone who is drowning. However, courage is not just about excelling at physical challenges or putting your life at risk. It can also mean having the fortit …

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Facing The Darkness To Discover The Light

by Katie Hancock on 4 November 2016


Hi, my name is Katie Hancock I am a 40 year old mother of two beautiful, crazy boys, I have a wonderful network of family and friends and I am a successful HR leader. I am also a keen basketballer who has retired many times, in fact I have probably had more comebacks than John Farnham …

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