Using Smart Tech To Create Mindful Leaders

by Silvia Damiano on 26 September 2017


Businesses do not see a ‘mindfulness’ problem. They see a leadership problem; when those in charge are erratic, emotional or stressed when they need to be calm, present and focused. They do indeed need to be ‘mindful’. Trouble is, some of the ways to achieve a mindful state, such as m …

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Balancing Your Body And Mind Makes Your Brain Happy

by Silvia Damiano on 21 September 2017


When you think of balance, you might think of an acrobat on a tightrope. Or maybe you think of exactly the right amount of creamer or flavour in your coffee. In our work, when we talk about balance, we refer to the series of actions and attitudes that keep your brain performing at its …

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From Capitalism To Talentism - Embracing A New Era Of Leadership

by Silvia Damiano on 19 September 2017


Leaders can no longer rule via checklists or use fear and unquestioning compliance to push their subordinates around. Employees expect and, increasingly, demand more. In our fast-paced, technological world, effective leaders must instead become a creative force. This gives people the …

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From Science Fiction To Reality

by Silvia Damiano on 14 September 2017


While movies and books tend to vilify them, robots are not inherently evil. They aren’t inherently anything—it’s humans who create them and make them what they are.

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Positive Psychology In The Imagination Age

by Silvia Damiano on 12 September 2017


Unfortunately, no magic pill will erase all your problems and stressors. Negative emotions can profoundly impact a person’s ability to be an effective leader. Ask yourself—are you showing up more frequently as the best version of yourself? If the answer is no, then it’s time to recogn …

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Adaptability Is More Than Just Change

by Silvia Damiano on 7 September 2017


Look at your desk. Is your stapler, or tape dispenser, or favourite pen in a particular place? Do you like having the stapler lined up a certain way? Some people prefer having their 'desk tools' organised and in the same spot every time. While your adaptability is more than just your …

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Failing Forward! An Australian Premier Who Made History

by Silvia Damiano on 5 September 2017


Leaders come in many shades. Political leaders are among the most diverse – after all, there are no formal qualifications! They have the ability to affect the lives of millions, yet are exposed to constant scrutiny and criticism. So how do they think about leadership?

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