Your Car Won’t Start, And Oh, The Coffee Machine Is Broken

by Silvia Damiano on 22 February 2018

Your-Car-Wont-Start,-And-Oh-The-Coffee-Machine-Is-Broken - About my Brain Institute

Everyone has days where nothing seems to fall into place. Mishaps, unfortunate coincidences, and accidents can ruin the day. But, in situations like this, it’s important to take a step back and really look at what there is to be thankful for.

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Watch Out, Shakespeare! It's the Taming of the Neurofeedback Device

by Silvia Damiano on 20 February 2018

Watch-Out,-Shakespeare!-Its-the-Taming-of-the-Neurofeedback-Device - About my Brain Institute

When many people hear the phrase ‘neurofeedback device,’ they are likely left scratching their heads. Advancing technology has unlocked new tools that can be used to monitor brain activity—without a sophisticated laboratory setup. These devices can offer real-time data on what’s reall …

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Keeping Conversations Beside the Watercooler Meaningful

by Silvia Damiano on 15 February 2018

Keeping-Conversations-Beside-the-Watercooler-Meaningful - About my Brain Institute

Gossip in a work environment can range from benign to toxic. The dynamics of working with large, diverse groups of people inevitably lead to squabbles and resentments; it seems to be human nature. But instead of automatically assuming the worst, try to focus on a positive attitude tha …

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Stop Looking In The Mirror And Start Looking At Others

by Silvia Damiano on 13 February 2018

Stop-Looking-In-The-Mirror-And-Start-Looking-At-Others - About my Brain Institute

Too often, leaders are focused only on their agenda. As long as everything gets checked off for the day, many leaders have no awareness of what really goes on behind the scenes. The leaders of the Imagination Age cannot have this narrow, task-focused mindset of the past.

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Are You The Calm One, Or Did You Just Panic?

by Silvia Damiano on 8 February 2018

Are-You-The-Calm-One,-Or-Did-You-Just-Panic - About my Brain Institute

Certain situations seem to bring out the best (or worst) in people. Some people can handle emergencies with a relaxed, calm attitude, and others tend to run around screaming that the sky is falling. Leaders can’t afford to have the panic-button way of thinking, but what can be done ab …

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Becoming A Super-Leader In Three Easy Steps!

by Silvia Damiano on 6 February 2018

Becoming-A-Super-Leader-In-Three-Easy-Steps - About my Brain Institute

Many leaders are expected to be expert multitaskers and very nearly ‘super-leaders,' who are innovative and ready to handle anything. While some leaders have a clear vision of the future, others look ahead and only see a gray fog. Setting audacious goals can help leaders work towards …

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The Unspoken Words That You May Be Missing

by Silvia Damiano on 1 February 2018

The-Unspoken-Words-That-You-May-Be-Missing - About my Brain Institute

The more delicate nuances of conversation are often missed by many people. A subtle glance, an uncomfortable swallow, or a slight step backward all mean something, and sometimes they mean a BIG something. But what happens when leaders aren’t cognizant of body language and words left u …

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