The Value Of Studying The Life Of Creatives

by The About my Brain Institute on 24 October 2016


When you think of imagination or creativity, you may automatically think of artists, poets, authors and composers. In today's world, imagination is typically paired with artistic endeavours but not scientific thinking. However, many of the great scientific minds of the past, including …

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How Teaching Can Help You Learn

by The About my Brain Institute on 23 October 2016


We all teach, even if we don't recognise our actions as teaching. Showing a child how to swim, explaining how to set up a report, or coaching a little league game all showcase teaching skills. The ability to teach has enormous value and can lead to increased awareness of ourselves. By …

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Inspire The Music In You

by The About my Brain Institute on 13 October 2016


We all likely have to admit to singing in the shower, or to giving a masterful solo performance in the car. We physically interact with music, tapping our feet, nodding our heads, and singing and dancing along. All cultures invariably express themselves with music. It links us as huma …

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