Intuition: An Advisor On Your Team

by Silvia Damiano on 18 September 2014


Intuition is a great resource to have in your leadership tool box. It is becoming increasingly important that people in the business world are able to make quicker decisions to match the requirements of this fast-paced world.

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Topics: Agility Intuition

Leadership As A Solution To The Complexity Of Our Times

by Juan Carlos Cubeiro on 15 September 2014

Leadership As A Solution To The Complexity Of Our Times - VUCA world

To better understand how leadership has evolved through the contributions of experts, we can use the metaphor of the captain of a ship. The captain needs to steer the ship towards the port he wants to go (Visionary Leadership); to adapt what he does based on the type of ship and crew …

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Murderers Of Innovation: The Power Of Disempowerment

by Matthew Galik on 13 September 2014


In an article published in the Huffington Post on August 28th, About My Brain CEO Silvia Damiano listed five ‘survival’ questions for leaders of tomorrow’s innovation-based economy.

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New Leadership Model Vital For The 'Imagination Age'

by The About my Brain Institute on 3 September 2014


A rapidly changing global environment has necessitated the development of a new wave of "neuroleaders" who optimise their brain's potential, according to neuroleadership specialist, Silvia Damiano.

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