The “Human” Skills You Need for the Future of Work

by Silvia Damiano on 27 September 2018

The-Human-Skills-You-Need-for-the-Future-of-Work - About my Brain Institute

The Jobs Landscape in 2022 clearly outlines that “human” skills such as creativity, initiative, critical thinking, persuasion, resilience, leadership and social influence will retain or increase their value.1 Fitting in this new world of work requires us to retrain and up skill oursel …

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A Fresh Agenda: Take A Shower To Spark Creativity

by Press Room on 26 September 2018


Silvia Damiano speaks to Cristina Mendonsa from A Fresh Agenda about the of leadership, the About my Brain Institute and her new documentary, “ ”. They discuss creativity and how to train our brains to be more innovative.

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The Way Women Lead

by Silvia Damiano on 25 September 2018

The-Way-Women-Lead - About my Brain Institute

Neuroscience has shown that there are fundamental differences between male and female brains. Male brains tend to have higher surface areas, while female brains have higher cortical thickness, or a thicker cerebral cortex. But do these inherent physical differences affect how persons …

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The Pink Elephant In The Room - Differences Between Male And Female Leaders

by Silvia Damiano on 20 September 2018

The-Pink-Elephant-In-The-Room---Differences-Between-Male-And-Female-Leaders- About my Brain Institute

Men and women think differently, which means they also lead differently. Women are typically underrepresented in top political and business positions, but this is rapidly changing. Understanding how the brain works will strengthen and shape the leaders of the future, and embracing the …

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Communication Skills Are Like A Muscle, They Need Exercise

by Silvia Damiano on 18 September 2018

Communication-Skills-Are-Like-A-Muscle-They-Need-Exercise - About my Brain Institute

Quality leaders have to do more than merely manage the endless flow of paperwork and tasks. They must also be able to nurture and create an environment open to innovation, creativity and good communication. These skills are so often overlooked in leaders, but crucial in this global, f …

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Swing Into A New Mindset For Better Leadership

by Silvia Damiano on 13 September 2018

Swing-Into-A-New-Mindset-For-Better-Leadership - About my Brain Institute

Focusing only on work means that other obligations are neglected. And, just as importantly, it means personal growth and time to dream are limited or nonexistent. Finding time to let your mind wander is important for a good mindset and improved mental and physical health.

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Creating An Environment That Stokes The Fires Of Creativity And Innovation

by Silvia Damiano on 11 September 2018

Creating An Environment That Stokes The Fires Of Creativity And Innovation - About my Brain Institute

The leadership paradigms of the past did not leave much room for new ideas. Many workers were advised to keep their heads down and simply continue to endure. Fortunately, this kind of thinking is quickly becoming obsolete. People have so much more to offer in an environment where crea …

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Take a Break And Give Yourself A “Youcation”

by Silvia Damiano on 6 September 2018

Take-a-Break-And-Give-Yourself-A-Youcation - About my Brain Institute

With the rapid pace of today’s world, rarely do people find themselves alone. Employees and coworkers demand attention, and then friends and family members do at home. While having a strong, loving group of people is important, it’s also important to spend time alone.

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