Freshen Up Your Leadership Style With Spontaneity

by Silvia Damiano on 29 May 2018

Freshen-Up-Your-Leadership-Style-With-Spontaneity - About my Brain Institute

Leaders are typically expected to do things by the book. Following routines, filling out spreadsheets, and handling data - everything is a tried-and-true routine. But what about stepping outside of the norm and showing a little spontaneity? Listening to that inner intuition can ensure …

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Bringing A Galaxy Far Away Into Your Imagination

by Silvia Damiano on 24 May 2018

Bringing-A-Galaxy-Far-Away-Into-Your-Imagination - About my Brain Institute

The stories told by great science fiction writers tell us about worlds full of imagination and technology. However, science and science fiction often go hand-in-hand, both gleaning from each other. Reading science fiction can expand your vision, giving you innovative ideas that you ca …

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21st Century Leadership In Collaboration

by Ruth Donde on 22 May 2018

21st-Century-Leadership-In-Collaboration - About my Brain Institute

Strategy is not a solo sport! Regardless of how creative, smart and savvy you may be, in this day and age, you can not transform a team, a business unit, an organisation without the brainpower and commitment of others! Collaboration is a critical leadership competency for the 21st cen …

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Letting Go Of Phobophobia To Become A Better Leader

by Silvia Damiano on 17 May 2018

Letting-Go-Of-Phobophobia-To-Become-A-Better-Leader - About my Brain Institute

Phobophobia is the fear of being afraid. For some people, this means they cannot speak in public, for some it means that spiders bring about a crippling paralysis, and for others, it means they cannot mingle with society. Fears and phobias can affect leaders by inhibiting collaboratio …

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Leading A New Generation - Leading With Vulnerability

by Kim Ellis on 15 May 2018

Leading-A-New-Generation---Leading-With-Vulnerability - About my Brain Institute

Earlier this year, I held a two day off site training activity for my management team. It included a day of exploring our team dynamics and the connections that would make us more resilient as a team. Part of the session was an exploration of our vulnerability, conducted under the wat …

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Free Your Mind And Let Go Of Your Anxiety

by Silvia Damiano on 10 May 2018

Free-Your-Mind-And-Let-Go-Of-Your-Anxiety - About my Brain Institute

The immense pressures of modern living have increased anxiety levels for many. Human beings have always had to deal with a great deal of stress, from worrying about where the next meal would be, to finding shelter and avoiding predators, to today’s problems, like paying bills and mana …

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Using The i4 Neuroleader Model To Lead The Way For A New Generation

by Merche Del Valle on 8 May 2018

Using-The-i4-Neuroleader-Model-To-Lead-The-Way-For-A-New-Generation - About my Brain Institute

“The i4 Neuroleader Model & Methodology incorporates neuroscience and leadership in a way that promotes whole-body wellness, from the top down. A balanced brain can work to its full potential, in an innovative, creative, and inspiring manner. Understanding why people behave how th …

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Flying Into A Future Of Imagination With The Right Attitude

by Silvia Damiano on 3 May 2018

Flying-Into-A-Future-Of-Imagination-With-The-Right-Attitude - About my Brain Institute

Everyone has times where they feel down, and these moments are normal for humans. But, if these feelings are constant, something is wrong. If other people are causing these types of emotions, it’s time to take a stand. Anyone can accomplish astonishing feats, and blocking the naysayer …

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