Flying Into A Future Of Imagination With The Right Attitude

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3 May 2018

Everyone has times where they feel down, and these moments are normal for humans. But, if these feelings are constant, something is wrong. If other people are causing these types of emotions, it’s time to take a stand. Anyone can accomplish astonishing feats, and blocking the naysayers is often the best advice for success.

Don’t Let Others Tear You Down Because You Can Achieve Great Things 

Look at the accomplishments of the past. The Great Pyramids, masterpieces of art and music, the moon landing, modern medicine. We have done so much. But what if the people who helped make these feats a reality had listened to all the negative remarks from others? Perhaps we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Leaders of today must face the realities of this Imagination Age. You can’t keep doing things the ‘old way’ and still expect good results. People want more, and honestly, they deserve more. Don’t let naysayers and negativity affect how you lead others in this fast-paced, technological world. 

I am thankful for all those who said no to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.

Albert Einstein

Your attitude can color the perspective of those around you. It’s hard, but to be an effective leader, you must be able to filter out the good advice from negative remarks to flat out terrible advice. A good attitude can and will lift up those around you. You can improve your leadership skills and improve your general outlook on life--all at the same time.

While some people are always the glass is the half-empty type, try to change the way you think. You may never be able to change the minds of others, but you can make an effort to improve yourself. Being positive, embracing change, and having proactivity will lead to innovative thoughts and ideas. 

What Do Low Levels Of Innovation Mean For Your Business Culture? 

You can expect a negative environment, with stagnant and fixed minds when innovation is low. People will not be willing to take risks, and they will usually be the ones to say that something won’t work. Is this the kind of atmosphere that will lead your organisation into the future? 

Our limbic brain (the survival instincts) have programmed us to see threats everywhere. But neuroscience shows that this instinct isn’t always leading us down the right paths in the modern world. When people whisper negative things about you or about how you lead, you may start to connect the dots (even if they are imaginary) and concoct a scenario about the adverse remarks.

What if the Wright brothers had listened to the crowds who scoffed at their idea of flying? How would the world be different without air travel or space travel? We have big dreams, and the whole world, and indeed even the universe is out there…
just waiting.

Someday it might be possible to fly from New York to Sydney in a matter of moments, but unless someone is willing to imagine it, it will never happen. The right attitude gives you the right brain environment to allow us to see possibilities that were never clear before. The i4 Model can reset your attitude, and open your eyes to things you never believed possible. 

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