Kaushik Ram

Kaushik Ram

Neuroscientist, author and inventor of the Precognition Method, Dr. Kaushik Ram is on a mission to translate cutting-edge neuroscience into practical techniques that are applicable in real-world personal and professional environments. The Precognition Method draws from the latest in HRV research to overcoming cognitive-deficits and respond rapidly to change with clarity and precision.

Dr. Kaushik Ram's Nervous System program has won the 2018 TEDx Sydney Pitch in the Sydney Opera House. He has been featured in multi-award winning documentaries and is the best-selling Author of Hidden World: The Inside Story of the Soul.

Previously based at Brain and Mind Institute, University of Sydney, Dr. Ram was the project lead for the implementation of AI in clinical workflow. He was responsible for the successful design and deployment of the MS Federated Imaging Repository (MSBIR) - an AI-assisted Neuroinfomatics Platform for 75,000 multiple sclerosis patients. Dr. Kaushik Ram completed his PhD in Neuroimaging genetics at the Department of Psychiatry, Westmead Hospital investigating neuroimaging biomarkers that are genetically upstream to cognitive processes and neuropsychiatric conditions.

Dr. Ram now employs his novel, yet simple and effective methods to help individuals and corporate teams who are suffering from performance addiction (common in high achievers), burnout, overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression. His Precognition Method teaches how to thrive in the era if rapid change, complexity and ambiguity by restoring the nervous system for a full neurochemical recomposition without medication, meditation, positive psychology or complicated belief systems.

Posts by Kaushik Ram

Embodied Cognition

by Kaushik Ram on 31 December 2021

Embodied Cognition

How we define the value of being physically together has fundamentally changed.

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The Heart Of Co-Creation

by Kaushik Ram on 4 April 2017


What are our hopes, dreams, visions and intentions? Perhaps more generically, what are our thoughts and where do they come form? Our thought forms can take the shape of daydreaming, imagination or visualization.

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Implicit Intelligence And Innovation

by Kaushik Ram on 21 April 2016


Innovation is neither science nor entrepreneurship. It is a very human desire to upgrade our existence. An inner drive to see the world differently. A relentless passion, an obsession to investigate, an urgency to create with what we have now!!!

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Ultra Nutrition For The Ultimate Animal

by Kaushik Ram on 14 December 2014


Humans are the only animal to occupy the earth from pole to pole and are the only creatures to escape the earths stratosphere to explore the earths Auroric zones.

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The Human Body - An Instrument For The State Of Flow

by Kaushik Ram on 10 December 2014


We work tirelessly to manage our busy lives while taking care of our body acquires a secondary priority. When our bodies take the backseat in our lives, it begins to accumulate physical ailments such as chronic back pain, weak joints and mental aliments such as depression, anxiety and …

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Lucy – Flirting With Reality?

by Kaushik Ram on 13 August 2014


The recent movie – Lucy invites a Paradigm shift. The movie dwells on some neuroscientifcally bewildering possibilities.

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