The Human Body - An Instrument For The State Of Flow

Kaushik Ram
10 December 2014
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We work tirelessly to manage our busy lives while taking care of our body acquires a secondary priority. When our bodies take the backseat in our lives, it begins to accumulate physical ailments such as chronic back pain, weak joints and mental aliments such as depression, anxiety and ADHD. 


By bringing our awareness back into the body, we become fully engaged by our senses – a sense of total clarity rather than overwhelm. To fully harness the intelligence of the body is to have the complete freedom of being able to move your body, to be sensitive enough to pick up on your instincts that are often overwritten by the rational mind.

Remember the body. Medicating the body to suppress symptoms of discomfort, overwrites the body’s natural alarm signal. Discomfort is the body’s way of demanding your attention. To take pain killers, antidepressants and insomnia pills is to avoid the easily preventable conditions, until it is too late.

The body has remarkable tolerance but if we refuse to listen to it, we accumulate the burden of illness – obesity, cancer, diabetes, cardiac/pulmonary disease, sports injuries, lack of mobility, all of which are ultimately from sedentary lifestyle choices.

When the body awakens, you have consistent vitality and strength. Symptoms of subclinical depression and daily anxieties disappear. The body runs effortlessly with no aches and pains, slowing you down. You are able to fully engage those who you spend time with.

The body provides the freedom of expression. When you are able to access the body’s innate intelligence rather than mental illusions, you exuberate a natural confidence that is unhindered by corporate/social hierarchy and is instead appreciated as noble leadership.

This is our natural state. This is where ideas flourish and creativity peaks. This is the Flow State. The state in which we feel alive and our passions thrive. What ultimately happens is, we align with something greater than ourselves. Our self-centric nature dissolves and instead we are fueled by an energy that is more than what we know as our own.

There are many channels to access flow. The flow state is best experienced in improvisation. Musicians enter the flow state when they forget what they are playing and get truly carried away by rhythm. The rhythm takes a shape of its own, there is dramatic highs and sudden lows. The music becomes a journey to an unknown destination.

Our bodies craves Flow. When we move in a mechanical environment such as a gym or an office, our body’s natural instincts get diluted. The body wants to move. This is EXACTLY what is was designed for! The visceral experience of flow, once encountered, is highly sought after.

Dancers, surfers, rock climbers all put their bodies into situations where they can experience flow. The Experience  – where the body is able to move in perfect harmony to what the moment demands. The body responds instinctually – much faster than our conscious processing. The mind takes a backseat, unable to keep up with the intelligence of the Body.

The body is the only asset that is truly yours. Where does it sit in your priority?

The Flow State Protocol

The human brain operates as a network rather than traditional view of a single brain state at a time - decision making (Beta), pattern recognition (gamma) and stress management (alpha) are all interconnected.

This insight lead Kaushik to pioneer the Flow State Protocol. The Flow State is where all your brain networks are working synergistically - a process known as neural binding.

Kaushik has developed a movement curriculum to induce the Flow State so that it becomes a natural part of our daily lives. The movement program has the added benefit of improving physical health in a manner that is cognitively stimulating and fun at the same time.

Article originally published on MoveGen 

Dr. Kaushik Ram at i4 Live 2015

i4 Live Retreat

Dr. Kaushik Ram joined us at the i4 Live Retreat in 2015 to present on the Flow State Protocol.

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Kaushik Ram

Kaushik Ram

Neuroscientist, author and inventor of the Precognition Method, Dr. Kaushik Ram is on a mission to translate cutting-edge neuroscience into practical techniques that are applicable in real-world personal and professional environments. The Precognition Method draws from the latest in HRV research to overcoming cognitive-deficits and respond rapidly to change with clarity and precision.

Dr. Kaushik Ram's Nervous System program has won the 2018 TEDx Sydney Pitch in the Sydney Opera House. He has been featured in multi-award winning documentaries and is the best-selling Author of Hidden World: The Inside Story of the Soul.

Previously based at Brain and Mind Institute, University of Sydney, Dr. Ram was the project lead for the implementation of AI in clinical workflow. He was responsible for the successful design and deployment of the MS Federated Imaging Repository (MSBIR) - an AI-assisted Neuroinfomatics Platform for 75,000 multiple sclerosis patients. Dr. Kaushik Ram completed his PhD in Neuroimaging genetics at the Department of Psychiatry, Westmead Hospital investigating neuroimaging biomarkers that are genetically upstream to cognitive processes and neuropsychiatric conditions.

Dr. Ram now employs his novel, yet simple and effective methods to help individuals and corporate teams who are suffering from performance addiction (common in high achievers), burnout, overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression. His Precognition Method teaches how to thrive in the era if rapid change, complexity and ambiguity by restoring the nervous system for a full neurochemical recomposition without medication, meditation, positive psychology or complicated belief systems.

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