A Leadership Model According To Neuroscience

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5 May 2015

In the former Convent of Boadilla - Spain, we have been working with Silvia Damiano’s i4 Model, on Leadership and Team Development.

Yesterday, I wrote in this blog about Vulnerability (I prefer to use the Castilian term Humanity, because Vulnerability sounds like a weakness), as a combination of Courage (daring to show yourself as human), Guidance to others (Compassion), and Revaluation (Worthiness), according to the research by Professor Brene Brown.

The i4 Model is born from four essential Meta competencies: Performance, Collaboration, Innovation and Agility. What is required from a leader to become a Neuro Leader?

The first step, in terms of understanding what gives us power in today’s world, is to transition from pure knowledge to the generation of ideas. Being a leader today goes beyond being a visionary person to become a creator.

Understanding how the brain works to really elicit and work with peoples talents. From being just courageous to learning to be human again (or vulnerable). From thinking we "know” to understanding that sometimes we have to admit that we do not know what is going to happen next and lastly from being comfortable with multi-directional feedback.

Integration to optimize Performance; Inspiration to foster collaboration; Imagination to develop Innovation and Intuition for Agility. Silvia Damiano has stated that the i4 Model came to her as a “Eureka” moment on a flight from Perth to Sydney, from the west to the east of Australia.

How does the model expand? With 16 competencies:


 Particularly innovative is the analysis that Silvia Damiano makes of the brain with leadership behaviours, based on the classification done by the Amen Clinics, Prefrontal Cortex (attention, focus), Anterior Cingulate Gyrus (adaptability), Deep Limbic System (motivation), Basal Ganglia (integration of thought and emotion) and Temporal Lobes (emotional stability, long term memory ).

In her book “Leadership is Upside Down” Silvia points out that people are suffering from depression, and two thirds of them have no medical help.

Intuition is no longer a taboo, but the integration of Head, Heart and Courage (brain, heart and gut).

The i4 Model is very powerful and the invitation to an honest, respectful and thorough feedback is one of the Silvia Damiano great strengths. Thank you very much, Silvia, for this world-class workshop.

Originally Published in Spanish by jccubeirojc.blogspot.com.es

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