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My name is Relmi Damiano I am the Creative Director of the About my Brain™ Institute. I am also an Intuitive, Akashic Records Reader, Artist, Samba Dancer and Meditation Teacher.

It's a source of great joy for me to bring you into the enchanting world of the Akashic Records. I am honoured to be your guide as you navigate this journey of self-discovery and profound transformation.

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If you’ve been seeking a sign, this is your moment.

Now is the time to embrace your full potential and tap into your spiritual intelligence. Exploring the Akashic Records will enable you to seek direction and acquire insights about the essence of your existence.

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Harness the power of your cosmic history.

My sessions are designed to guide you on a journey of self-exploration, using vibrant visualizations to facilitate a deep connection with your soul and spiritual guides. You will gain insights into your life purpose as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Additionally, the records will provide you with techniques and strategies for your personal and spiritual development. 

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Akashic Records Readings

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records represent a comprehensive vibrational archive of every thought, experience, event, interaction, and emotion of every soul throughout all of time. They encompass the entirety of existence. Each individual soul possesses its own Akashic Record, and each soul has the ability to access its own record.

For millennia, visionaries, gurus, and wise souls from diverse global traditions have delved into the Akashic Records – a vast archive containing insights into every soul and its journey. Think of it as the universe's search engine, specifically for the soul. This boundless reservoir of knowledge and restorative energy stands ready to address your every query, whether monumental or minute. 

How does an Akashic reading work?

I access the Akashic Realm with a non-dogmatic Akashic TAP-IN© process pioneered by my teacher and mentor Rohini Moradi from Magic Inclined. In our session, we will be channelling answers and information from your spiritual team of ascended masters, teachers from the past, and loved ones whom you have known in this lifetime and have passed.

What do you mean by my “spiritual team”?

In the context of the Akashic Records, the term “spiritual team” typically refers to a group of spiritual guides, guardians, or beings that are believed to oversee and assist with the access and interpretation of the information contained within the records. They may include:

  • Ascended Masters: Enlightened beings who have been guiding your soul since its incarnation. You may have a connection to these energies.

  • Souls from your past lives: Individuals with whom you have shared previous lifetimes.

  • Departed loved ones: Individuals whom you have known in your current lifetime but who have transitioned from their earthly existence.

  • Spirit Animals: It is very likely for spirit animals or nature to also grace us with their presence during our readings.
What occurs during a reading?

The Akashic Records embody a sacred realm of love, healing, and support, serving as a sanctuary and nurturing space for all aspects of creation as we know it. Our session will commence with a brief introduction, followed by a breathing exercise and a grounding meditation. After establishing a connection, I will proceed to access your records using an Akashic TAP-IN© technique.

Once I announce, “The records are now open”, I will allow a few minutes for any information to emerge before we begin asking specific questions. After this point, you are welcome to pose any questions you have. Once the question-and-answer segment is complete, we close the records and I will conduct a closing debrief summary.

How do the questions work?

I encourage you to approach your questions with an open mind, without becoming overly attached to specific outcomes. When I access your Akashic Records, I am delving into the essence of your soul, and it is essential to allow intuitive flow to guide our session.

Common topics for questions include relationships, significant life decisions, patterns and obstacles that hinder personal empowerment, finances, career, creativity, and health. Avoid asking “yes/no” questions. The greatest gift of being human lies in free will. The records will not dictate what you should do; instead, they will offer options, guidance and advice.

What questions can I ask?

Remember, this is your reading, and you can ask any question you like 🙂. However, to initiate the reading, a powerful question to begin with is, “What do I need to know right now?”. This inquiry allows your spiritual team to bring forth crucial matters that require your attention.

Here are a few sample questions:

  1. What is the most important information for me to be aware of at this moment?
  2. How many past lives have I experienced?
  3. What is the primary lesson I need to learn in this lifetime?
  4. What are my inherent gifts and talents?
  5. How can I make the most meaningful contributions to the world?
  6. Which realm or origin does my soul originate from?
  7. Can you reveal any significant past lives that hold relevance for me?
  8. Are there any unresolved aspects from previous lifetimes that are impacting my current life, and if so, how can I become aware of them?
What is the format of the session?

My sessions take place via Zoom and typically run for around 60 minutes. The session will be recorded for you to keep. Being able to conduct Akashic Records readings remotely provides a potent and convenient way to access this deep well of information and insight from anywhere in the world. The session will commence with both of our cameras turned on during introductions, and once we start the reading, we can turn them off to ensure your comfort. I also usually have my eyes closed! 😊

What do I need to keep in mind?

When I read for you, I will be focusing on information that pertains directly to you and is seen from your soul’s perspective. If you are curious about your spouse, partner, sibling, parent, friend, etc., we can only explore the lessons you are meant to learn from them and how you can best support them. The reading is dedicated solely to you, and I can only access and read the soul of an individual who is present in the session and grants me permission via the Akashic TAP-IN© process. I am unable to conduct readings for individuals under the age of 18.

Can you do a reading for my pet?

Absolutely! Reading for your beloved pet is a wonderful experience. It is crucial that your pet is physically present with you during the session, and we initiate the reading with the camera turned on. With your pet’s presence, we will primarily focus on gathering insights from their soul’s perspective, specifically concerning their connection with you. While the reading primarily centers on your pet, there may be moments when we explore aspects of your soul as well in relation to them.

I suggest that you find a comfortable space, such as a couch, bed, or floor with pillows, where you and your pet can sit together. If you have a larger animal like a horse, you will need to find an enclosed area or have your horse in a stable. Your pet should ideally be on the same level as you, either in your lap or beside you, allowing you easy access to pat and comfort them during the session. If, at any point during the reading, your pet chooses to move around or walk away, feel free to let them roam the room at their own discretion. Try to have a contained space with some water and kibble so that they do not walk out of the room.

What is an Akashic Records pet passing-over ceremony?

Another aspect of providing readings for pets pertains to those unfortunate moments when they must part from us. If you find yourself in the difficult situation of having to euthanize a beloved pet, I also offer an Akashic Reading Pet Passing Over Ceremony to help you and your pet during this transition. The act of conducting a passing-over ceremony can offer a sense of closure and healing, as it allows pet owners to express their love, share memories, and release any feelings of guilt or regret they may have about their pet’s life or passing.

Overall, a passing-over ceremony can be a deeply meaningful and therapeutic way to navigate the challenging process of saying goodbye to a beloved pet and coping with the impending loss. It is a way to honor and acknowledge the significance of the pet’s life and the bond between the pet and its owner. It allows for a more dignified and respectful transition for the pet. For the most effective experience, I recommend scheduling a session before your pet’s euthanasia, allowing us to establish a connection with their soul prior to this significant event.

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking, first purchase your spot right here. You will find pricing a little further on this page. After your payment is confirmed, you will be automatically directed to my booking calendar. I am currently based in the timezone of Gold Coast, Australia. The calendar includes a drop-down menu that will automatically detect your timezone and display available times in your region. To confirm your reservation, simply choose a date and time that suits you best. As my readings are limited and offered globally, there may be instances where time zones really do not align (e.g middle of the night 😴 for you). If this occurs, please don't hesitate to reach out, and we can explore alternative times.

For my Australian friends, before purchasing your spot, please send a request via the form at the end of this page.

The fine print
  • Given my limited availability, should you require rescheduling or wish to cancel, please utilize the provided links included in the calendar invitation or in your booking confirmation email and ensure a minimum of 48-hour notice prior to the session.

  • In cases of cancellations, reschedules or no-shows within the 48-hour timeframe, a new payment equivalent to 50% of the reading's value will be necessary. A payment link will be sent to secure your new booking. In the event that unforeseen circumstances require rescheduling on my end, rest assured that this will be done at no additional cost to you.

  • The booking fee is non-refundable, but it is transferable to another individual. A refund will only be offered in the event that I am personally unable to conduct the reading.
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Rohini Moradi’s


It is with great pleasure and the utmost confidence that I endorse Relmi, a graduate of our Akashic Teacher Training Program. From day one, Relmi exhibited an extraordinary commitment to mastering the art and science of Akashic readings.

One of the most commendable aspects of her journey was her unyielding dedication and hard work. Relmi was exceptionally patient with herself during the learning process, allowing her skills to flourish naturally and fully. This patience, combined with her commitment, sets her apart as a remarkable practitioner in our field.

Her readings are not just accurate; they are a sublime experience for anyone fortunate enough to be her client. She possesses a unique talent for presenting complex insights in a clear and beautiful manner, effortlessly guiding individuals toward transformative realizations.

Endorsement by an Akashic Expert

“Relmi is a professional who adds immeasurable value to this field, and I am thrilled to see where her talents will take her next. If you have the opportunity to work with or learn from her, seize it—you won't be disappointed.”

Rohini Moradi • Magic Inclined


A sacred exchange.

Akashic Records Reading
60 minute Zoom session:
Connection Meditation
Breath Work
Insights from the Akashic Realm and Spiritual Guides
Session debrief
Session recording
A follow-up aftercare email check-in to answer any questions that may come up after the reading.
Personalized digital artwork memoir. I will create a unique visual representation inspired by the insights and imagery that manifest in my mind's eye during your reading (7-day turnaround).
*Live in Australia? Please send a request.
Pet Passing Over Ceremony
60 - 75 minute Zoom session:
Connection meditation to you and your pet
Breath work
Insights from the Akashic realm and spiritual guides
Passing-Over Ceremony
Session debrief
Session recording
A follow-up aftercare email check-in to answer any questions that may come up after the reading.
Personalized digital artwork memoir. I will create a unique visual representation inspired by the insights and imagery that manifest in my mind's eye during your reading (7-day turnaround).
*Live in Australia? Please send a request.
Special Offer
Claim this exclusive offer* if you have purchased any of the About my Brain™ Oracle Cards listed below:
*Cannot be combined with any other offer.

What are people saying?

“The Akashic Record reading I had with Relmi was magical! She was able to connect with my records so deeply to provide clarity on questions I’ve had for a while. She gave me confirmation on things I was seeking confirmation on without me asking and connected me with a loved one that has been guiding me for quite some time. This gave me great comfort. Her process and the way she conducts her sessions are beautiful and I was so grateful for the service and guidance she provided. Truly a magical experience!”
relmi damiano akashic records reader - sunset water
“I cannot express how helpful the reading has been for me. I am feeling very different since our session - firstly, I’ve taken up the advice given and have been singing non-stop, and I have genuinely noticed that my communication with others feels more authentic and effortless compared to before. I am also observing that people around me are responding differently (in a positive way). I feel like I have connected to a deeper part of myself and am less “in my head” about things - it’s almost as if my mind and emotions are more in sync now, and I am experiencing a sense of personal control/power that I’ve not felt before. Initially, it did feel a little out of my comfort zone, but I surrendered to the change, and already it is starting to feel more and more as if I’m settling into a truer version of myself. I also did some research into ways to heal the throat chakra, and I came across the connection between the throat and sacral chakras - it totally explains the block we talked about and its link to conceiving a child. Wow!! Thank you so much for your assistance, and thank you so much for enabling me to feel closer to all the beautiful guides, masters and loving energies that exist around me. With love and gratitude.”
relmi damiano akashic records reader ocean
“Thank you so much for the magical reading, I'm so grateful for the time you spent with me. I really needed to hear what was communicated today and what came up is so aligned to what I'm currently experiencing in my life. The detail of the imagery that came through was just incredible and I could feel myself standing in that exact space. I really resonated with what was brought to light and I feel so at peace and excited to continue on my journey. You have such a gift. Thank you, Relmi. Much love.”
relmi damiano akashic records reader blue landscape
“Relmi is simply incredible. I was truly amazed how much insight Relmi was able to tune into and the wise advice given was invaluable. Relmi is one of a kind, with a remarkable gift. I would highly recommend her for a reading, you will be glad you did. Thank you, Relmi!”
“I simply can't thank Relmi enough for our session. I find the subject of the akashic records absolutely fascinating, but I'd never experienced it first hand, and I feel so incredibly blessed that I did with Relmi’s incredible assistance. Within the first few moments, everything she said just resonated and gave me goosebumps. I actually felt that through Relmi I was accessing the most divine guidance. At one point of our reading she mentioned Whales quite a few times and told me to look up the significance of whales. And then as life panned out, two weeks later I was swimming with amazing creatures with the sun on my face, which was one of the most magical experiences ever. I cannot recommend Relmi and her amazing work enough, it gave me the most perfect confirmation and assurance at the perfect moment. Thank you Relmi”
relmi damiano akashic records reader ocean
relmi damiano akashic records reader landscape purple
“I had an Akashic Reading with Relmi and it was incredible! Relmi was very informative and had excellent communication right from the start. She set the expectation and the result was outstanding! She was able to give me much needed insight and guidance. Relmi is gifted and intuitive and I would highly recommend her services to all!”
“Now I should preface by saying I feel I have a good understanding of the mechanics of the universe and have had akashic readings before, with little 'resonations' so I had chalked them up as 'fun' interactions. I had an experience with someone that I knew I had a connection with. I wanted to find out more about this so without providing leading information to Relmi, she quickly locked on to some very significant points. At this point, I knew this reading was legit and she was absolutely connected to my field. Then it got even more interesting when she connected to one of my guides... now this I feel is additionally beautiful because along with her skills in accessing the Akash, she's now tapped into mediumship which further enhanced the reading and the information I walked away with! All I can say is Relmi is more than skilled in accessing the Akashic Records and I am hugely grateful for that iteration and very much hope for future interactions with her. Love To All”
relmi damiano akashic records reader smoke drum
“I recently had an Akashic Record reading with Relmi. The reading was amazing! Relmi was incredibly accurate, not just in the moment but the synchronicities that aligned in the following weeks reinforced the messages she delivered. Upon moving forward after our time together and spirit animal research, I found an even deeper clarity on the meanings and messages. Relmi was descriptive, encouraging, clear and accurate. I left our time together feeling more in tune with myself and the Universe. As a reiki practitioner and intuitive energy worker, it’s important to me to work with other practitioners who bring a healthy and positive vibration to their work and Relmi does just that! I highly encourage anyone seeking a reading to reach out, your future self will smile with appreciation.”
relmi damiano akashic records reader trees
“I received a reading for my best friend Sammy, my beloved companion pet of 12 years. For the last 8 years, we were inseparable. Relmi connected with Sammy’s spirit and soul just a few hours before I had to say my forever goodbye due to his significant illnesses. I admit I didn’t want to let him go, selfishly, but I knew it was the right choice for his well-being. The reading proved to be a cathartic experience, soothing my soul and easing my emotions. What amazed me even more was that Sammy was fully engaged in the reading, attentively following Relmi’s words. Relmi described Sammy on a boat, which resonated deeply with us as we often enjoyed our time together in my kayak and on my paddle board, activities he adored. She also mentioned a pink water lily, the flower for July, coincidentally the month Sammy was born. Relmi did not know my boy was born in July. The bond between Sammy and me was indescribable, and his absence pains me deeply. He was not just a pet but my best friend and therapy dog. We understood each other in a way that only close friends can. I am immensely grateful to Relmi for providing me with a special image of my dear Sammy, one that I hold close to my heart. To all pet parents, when your beloved companion pet embarks on their final journey, consider a reading like this to celebrate the beautiful life you shared.”
Carl & Sammy
relmi damiano akashic records water lillies
Meet Relmi


Open up each section to read more!


I was born in the beautiful mountain town San Martin De Los Andes in the Patagonian region of Argentina. Although Australia has been my home for a considerable portion of my life, I feel a deep connection to my birth country. In the Mapuche dialect, “Relmi” signifies for “Rainbow”. This colorful designation has perpetually sparked my pursuit of beauty, colour and vivid imagery, propelling me into the realm of artistic exploration and symbolism.


At the age of 13, a photography course opened the doors to my creative side. Being dyslexic, art became a more intuitive medium for me than the struggles of more logical, numerical, or structured pursuits. Yet now, harnessing my creativity has empowered me to overcome areas in life that once felt daunting in my younger years.

Photpgraphy Relmi Damiano

See my design and photography portfolio here.


Now, as a creative director, entrepreneur, artist, dancer, and co-founder of the About my Brain™ Institute, I am deeply committed to guiding others in tapping into their higher selves, awakening their innate creative and intuitive strengths.

Throughout my professional career, I've observed that by integrating our mind, brain, body, and spirit, and kindling our inner inspiration while harnessing our imagination and intuition, we can achieve profound purpose and fulfilment in life.

Moreover, having seen this transformative effect in countless individuals in the work we do at the About my Brain™ Institute, I'm convinced that these capabilities can indeed serve as guiding lights in both personal and professional pursuits.


Throughout my journey, I've ventured into the realms of biohacking and a variety of healing techniques including breathwork. In 2015, I trained as a yoga and meditation teacher. Additionally, I have co-facilitated leadership, personal development and well-being programs and retreats with the About my Brain™ Institute.

about my brain relmi damiano biohacking muse meditation


During that same time period, I discovered and wholeheartedly embraced the world of dance, with a particular passion for Afro-Brazilian rhythms, especially Samba. Embarking on a journey into dance as an adult had a profound impact on me, enhancing various aspects of my life, from grounding and expanding my energy centers, to numerous other transformative experiences. You can read more about how dancing changed my mental, physical (and spiritual) health here.



In 2018, I was fortunate to undertake an immersive neurofeedback Alpha brain wave training at the Biocybernaut Institute in Sedona, USA. This was yet another incredible experience that completely unlocked my brain and intuition, allowing me to release deep-seated limiting beliefs and helping my mind further explode into the beautiful world of imagination and healing.

Biocybernaut Institute Relmi Damiano


Fueled by an insatiable curiosity for spiritual exploration, I've dedicated several years to deepening my understanding in psychic development, meditation, visualisation, numerology, tarot and oracle readings, lucid dreaming, drumming, and invoking spiritual awareness through dance.

Through the synchronicities of the universe, I was guided to train under the amazing Rohini Moradi, an internationally recognised Akashic expert who established Magic Inclined. This training ignited my evolution as an intuitive, amplifying the inherent talents that have subtly surfaced from behind the veil over the years.

Throughout my explorations as a creative and the learnings I have gathered from the incredible worlds of neuroscience, quantum physics, personal growth, and leadership at the About my Brain™ Institute, I am truly honoured to present a harmoniously woven journey into the Akashic Records.

With love and beautiful rainbow light :)

Relmi x


Relmi Damiano began her career at the early age of 15 as an artist and photographer, winning multiple awards and quickly gaining recognition for her work exhibited in renowned shows like the Melbourne Art Show 2004, Sydney Art Show 2005 as well as galleries across Australia. Relmi formally trained as a digital media and graphic designer, running her own consultancy with clients in Australia, the USA and Europe. 

A significant part of Relmi's career has been dedicated to establishing the creative direction and operations for the About my Brain™ Institute, which aims to democratise leadership and neuroscience by creating a more brain-friendly world.

Together with her mother, renowned leadership expert, and scientist Silvia Damiano, the institute specialises in applying neuroscience to leadership development and offering training in personal transformation. Their purpose is to empower individuals to lead with confidence, compassion, and purpose by harnessing the potential of their brain, body, mind and spirit. Relmi also played a pivotal role as the art director and producer of the internationally acclaimed documentary Make Me A Leader, which received eight prestigious awards. 

In addition to Relmi’s creative pursuits, she has lectured and mentored emerging designers since 2011, initially at Billy Blue College of Design and most recently at the University of Sydney. At present, Relmi is immersed in PhD research at the University of Sydney's Design Lab. She's delving into the intersections of strategic design, innovation leadership, and coaching, integrating cutting-edge insights from applied neuroscience and biohacking. Through her research, Relmi hopes to guide individuals in unapologetically recognising and confidently harnessing their imaginative and intuitive capabilities, to lead a more inspired and integrated life.

Connect with me👇

relmi damiano akashic records reader dance pose

“Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free.”


relmi damiano akashic records reader - white dress

See me in action at TEDxBurleigh Heads!

Join my talk on ‘Biohacking Your Creative Self’ on February 17th, 2024.

My research at the Design Lab of the University of Sydney explores the fascinating world of biohacking technologies and techniques, with the primary goal of boosting creativity and innovation, all while placing a central emphasis on enhancing well-being. This study seeks to bridge the gap between neuroscience and strategic innovation, offering insights into the influence of individual brain and body performance, as well as the cultivation of leadership skills in the innovation process. It also emphasises integrating biological knowledge into design thinking and human-centric methodologies. I firmly believe that activating one’s imagination and intuition can lead to a profound sense of purpose and fulfilment in life.

I will be exploring some of these transformative ideas in 2024 TEDxBurleigh Heads.


The About my Brain™ Oracle Card Decks

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Goddesses Of The World 

Introducing an exceptional collection that highlights goddesses originating from a rich array of cultures. Each goddess embodies distinctive strengths, wisdom, and grace. This collective gathering of goddesses stands as a tribute to the diverse narratives of women across the globe.

The complete deck comprises 60 goddesses or deities, 10 for each of the 6 regions across the globe: The Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific (encompassing Australia and New Zealand).

Driven by our passion to empower women, these cards encapsulate the essence of femininity, from the untamed power of nature to the nurturing spirit of motherhood and the resilience to overcome challenges. By engaging with these divine archetypes, you connect with the universal feminine spirit, unlocking the vast potential within. This journey blends science, spirituality, personal growth, and mythology, providing a comprehensive path to self-discovery and purposeful living.

Spirit Animals

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Spirit Animals Oracle Card Deck. Within these beautifully crafted cards, you will discover a profound connection to the natural world and the mystical realms that surround us. This deck is a doorway to ancient wisdom, a reflection of the profound interplay between our inner selves and the animal kingdom.

The complete deck comprises 96 spirit animals from 6 regions across the globe: The Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific (encompassing Australia and New Zealand).

Each card in this deck is a portal to a unique spirit animal, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and enlightenment. As you delve into the wisdom of these animals, you'll uncover hidden truths, tap into your intuition, and gain a deeper understanding of your life's path.

Whether you're seeking guidance, inspiration, or a deeper connection to the natural world, the Spirit Animals Oracle Card Deck is your key to unlocking the timeless wisdom of the animal kingdom and harnessing the power of spirit animals to illuminate your path.

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