Quantify & develop the abilities of a brain-friendly leader.

The i4 Neuroleader Platform

Track the leadership competencies of the Imagination Age, learn to optimise brain function and enhance your wellbeing to become more integrated, inspirational, imaginative and intuitive.

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The i4 Neuroleader Platform is a fully resourced and scalable eLearning space that includes a 21st century leadership and wellbeing program powered by a neurobiology-based 360° feedback assessment tool.

Explore our learning journey!

Step 1


Start your leadership journey by seeking feedback from the people in your professional and personal life to gain a more holistic perspective of yourself with the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment.

Step 2


Take a moment to reflect on your results and expand your understanding of ‘i4’ with the help of the i4 Neuroleader™ Course and various platform resources.


Step 3


Gain access to amazing content and participate in our live virtual skills sessions by keeping active your annual membership to the i4 Neuroleader™ Platform.


Step 4


Notice any changes by remeasuring yourself every year with the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment and achieve a growth mindset with the support of annual access to our learning platform.

Learning Resources

The i4 Neuroleader Platform is constantly updated with a myriad of learning resources, publications, articles, ebooks, white papers, slide decks, videos, recorded and live webinars that will help you apply the concepts and strategies of ‘i4’ to your personal and professional life. 


Global Benchmarks

The i4 Neuroleader Assessment has been completed by over 20,000 people in every single continent and across a variety of industries in the public and private sector. Our digital benchmarking infographic dynamically displays real-time data and it is constantly being updated so that you can compare your results with the most updated global population.


Group Analytics

The i4 Neuroleader Group Report shows how your staff measures up when it comes to each of the four competencies and sixteen pillars of the i4 NeuroleaderModel. Quantify the current leadership capability in your team or organisation and identify the strengths & limitations to assess how effective the ‘collective brain’ is operating.

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User Experience 

Our beautifully designed eLearning platform, assessments, reports, resources and courses can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device. We have invested significant time in designing a bespoke solution, which offers the most visually delicious and easy-to-use learning experience in the leadership development space. 

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I'm really impressed with the i4 Neuroleader™ Model, I've seen a lot of leadership programs in my corporate life and this one is the first one that has a tangible link back to science. I have spent a lot of time working with teams and leaders - and to me - the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment Tool is one that can stimulate high performance in the corporate world.


Simon Vincent
Supply Chain Coach & Consultant

As a HR Executive, I have been searching for tools and resources that are evidence based and holistic in ‘what’ they assess. Finally, I have found what I was looking for with i4. The i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment is state of the art and the reports are informative, detailed and visually intuitive. It is great that I now have a tool to develop leaders across the globe in this VUCA world!


Stuart Jenner
Learning & Development Specialist

The i4 Neuroleader™ Report is professional and accessible. I love it! It is fresh and innovative. I cannot wait to apply it in my organisation and witness the potential of our leaders unfold in ways that were previously unimaginable.


Alexis Hill
Organisational Development Expert

The i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment is the 'must have' performance assessment tool of any leading organisation interested in maximising their output and competitive edge, whilst keeping their teams happy and engaged.


Nils Vesk
Innovation Architect

The i4 Neuroleader™ is a very current, engaging, robust and inspiring program, model, methodology & tool!

Merche Del Valle
Managing Director, Financial Services

Simple, logical and amazing navigation. The reporting function alone puts the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment tool at the top of the list. It is also differentiated by personal leadership and development, which includes the latest research on the brain where there is so much more potential to tap into.

Geoff Martin
Senior HR Professional

The world needs authentic, healthy and ethical leaders, now more than ever.

A new era requires different leadership skills. Leverage from our comprehensive research-based learning content designed to develop a new breed of leaders.

Mind & Brain

Understand the 5 stages of mind/brain development to become more integrated and achieve higher levels of success.


Gain insights into the science of meditation and acquire practical tips to improve clarity of mind and focus.


Find purpose by creating new neural connections and developing positive habits for a happier life.

Personal Leadership

Augment your confidence and courage by overcoming fears, faulty thinking patterns, limiting beliefs and biases.


Explore the 7 wellbeing and biohacking strategies for optimal performance and graceful ageing.


Tap into the power of your heart to master the ability to inspire, motivate and communicate with others compassionately.


Understand the neurobiology of imagination and reset your brain to become more creative for effective problem solving.

Gut Health

Learn about your microbiome and understand its link to intuition, decision-making and mental health.


Uncover the stressors in your life and apply the most appropriate self-care strategies.

Ethics & Values

Learn how to identify personal and organisational values so ethical decisions can be made to support business growth and staff engagement.

Strategy Development

Learn to think innovatively to pair vision with strategy, while inspiring others to execute with purpose.

Adaptation to Change

Enhance the flexibility of your mind and develop the mental, emotional and physical abilities to absorb uncertain environmental conditions.

Case Studies

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The power of the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment & Program is that we can very simply understand why we do what we do, not just as leaders, but as whole people.


Ron Swartch
Leadership Consultant

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