An award-winning documentary on how leaders can optimise brain and body performance to thrive in the 21st Century.

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Expanding our leadership abilities is critical in this new era, no matter who we are.

Expecting people in leadership positions to solve all the challenges we face in the world today is largely futile.
The ‘Make Me A Leader’ documentary shows the importance of embracing our own leadership and developing a new mindset for the future.

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Award Winning

Make Me A Leader has won 8 international awards!


A great balance of inspiration, science, practical advise and testimonials from some of the world's best leaders and thinkers, ‘Make Me A Leader’ is a must watch for people who take the challenge of human leadership in the new world seriously.

Bradley Andrews
President at Worley

A great balance of inspiration, science, practical advise and testimonials from some of the world's best leaders and thinkers, ‘Make Me A Leader’ is a must watch for people who take the challenge of human leadership in the new world seriously.

Judith E. Glaser
Chairman of the Creating WE Institute

This beautifully produced film not only captures a new, far more holistic approach to leadership, drawing on neuroscience and breakthrough research on the brain but also the journey that Silvia herself has taken to role-model leadership for the future world of work. Slivia is true inspiration for all current and potential leaders.

Misti Melville
Global Human Resources Director at Buro Happold

Silvia and the team did a wonderful job in curating contemporary science, with the emotion of leadership that we are working with now. I thoroughly recommend the film to those who are curious about the physical, emotional, and 'spiritual' aspects of leadership development, all underwritten with good science and experience.

Skander Malcolm
Managing Director & CEO at OFX

‘Make Me A Leader’ was mind-blowing and yet made so much sense. It's the future of great leadership and shows how we can all be the best version of ourselves as well as bringing the best out in those around us too. The science-based evidence that sits behind the leadership values is explained by many incredible experts which is enlightening and fascinating. By implementing the strategies they share in this movie we can make sure we utilise our highest potential we have in each and every one of us. This includes how we show up at home, with family, friends, and in the workplace. I would say this is a ‘one to watch’ for anyone who wants to thrive as a human being. Thank you for bringing this movie to life and all the incredible work you do at About my Brain.

Julia Maunder

I've just watched ‘Make Me A Leader’ and I am deeply excited and hopeful. I have been a passionate of human development for many years and I can say that the proposal of Silvia Daminano has evolved everything. Damiano along with 28 experts make you understand the importance of your brain and body development towards the evolution as a leader and person. The documentary film is a gift for your life and for the people that are beside you, whether professionally or personally. Be prepared to have an absolutely moving experience.

Ricardo González Escobar

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Featuring interviews with business leaders, academics, leadership specialists and world-renowned scientists.

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It’s clear that Silvia Damiano has been on a noble quest to understand how we can all become better people in every aspect of our lives. This film is really well constructed and very engaging.

The Make Me A Leader Documentary clearly points the way, through a carefully constructed and evidence-based framework, to providing us with the knowledge and tools to take our destiny into our own hands to become effective leaders at all levels of the organisation and outside of work.

Personally, I was left feeling inspired and energised by the prospect of positive change and improvement through understanding and seeing to the health and alignment of brain, heart & gut.


Michael Wright
Deputy Secretary
Public Service
NSW, Australia


A special thank you to the people who appear throughout the film and assisted in the process.

Our gratitude to everyone who attended our Premiere on July 25th, 2018.

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