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October 2017

A uniquely designed transformational experience

Start your adventure into an inspiring self!

The i4 Live Retreat is a 7 day program conducted by highly experienced facilitators that covers the latest research in neuroscience and leadership. For our 2017 edition, we have partnered with non-for-profit organisation RAW Impact in Cambodia, whose mission is to bring together a movement of people willing to get hands-on in the fight against some of the greatest injustices in the world.

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This program focuses on mind-brain development and effective tools for improving performance, focus and mood. We will also explore the science of generosity while helping fundraise & build houses for an impoverished community in Cambodia.
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For a Cause

A Welcoming Note

A little sneak peak of what's to come!

Watch the official retreat invitation from our founder Silvia Damiano, featuring collaborators Dr. Harald Harung and Troy Roberts.


Who is this retreat for?

An experience to be shared with others!

This program is directed to people who would like to embark on a personal leadership adventure, foster new relationships and understand what it takes to become a world class leader. Our usual crowd are business leaders, coaches, consultants, people in the field of human resources and professionals from all walks of life. You can invite family members, friends and clients as there are no pre-requisites for attending this program.

To learn more about the retreat, download the program guide!

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Dates & Location

October 15th - 21st, 2017 in Cambodia

The retreat will start at the Plantation Urban Resort in Phnom Penh, a short distance from the RAW Impact House Building Project on Gunty’s Island, a village across the Mekong River. On the final 2 days, you will be staying at the gorgeous Veranda Natural Resort in Kep, an ocean side village located 3.5 hours from the capital.

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  • 7 Days of Learning with Top Experts

  • 6 Nights Twin Share Accommodation

  • All Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

  • Ground Transport, Translators & Cultural Tour Entry Fees

  • Includes a $1000 donation to the House Building Project


Full Retreat Pricing
$4,950 AUD per person + GST
Single rooms available for an additional $495 USD

Early Bird Pricing
$4,455 AUD per person + GST
Book and pay before May 23rd 2017, to receive a 10% discount.

Flights to Cambodia
Flights are not included in the retreat price. However, we have a dedicated page that will allow you to search for the best flights to Cambodia from anywhere in the world! Simply follow this link.

Download our program guide to get all the details!

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Teachers & Topics

Learn from Business Leaders & Experts

Every year, we select expert presenters who run in-depth sessions around the abilities and skills that make up the i4 Neuroleader Curriculum. They are true teachers who speak from their heart and with great knowledge, willing to share their secrets of how to achieve leadership effectiveness and personal transformation.

Check out the topics that will be covered in 2017!

Silvia Damiano

Personal Leadership & Understanding our Biology

Silvia Damiano will be the lead facilitator of the 2017 i4 Live Retreat Program in conjunction with guest speaker Dr. Harald Harung and founders Troy & Nicole Roberts with their RAW Impact team.

Silvia will bring to life the teachings of the i4 Neuroleader Model, a model that focuses on the importance of understanding our biology and connecting to our body and brain processes to enhance our personal leadership, effectiveness and well-being.

This year we will learn about the science of generosity and contribution, and how investing in developing this aspect of ourselves can improve mental and physical health.

Join Silvia Damiano, Founder & CEO of the About my Brain Institute in this incredible adventure!

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Dr. Harald Harung

Mind-Brain Development

Everyone seeks to attain excellence and happiness in their lives, yet world-class performance is rare. Dr. Harung, author of 'Invincible Leadership' will be sharing the secrets of how to achieve excellence in any profession or activity, which is what he calls ‘high mind-brain development’.

This single variable is more important than the knowledge, skills, and relationships we have and what we do, because with higher mind-brain development, our knowledge and skills become more useful, our relationships more enriching, and our actions more effective.

Join Dr. Harald Harung to learn more about how to make the most out of your brain and your leadership!

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Troy & Nicole Roberts

RAW Impact House Building Project Leads

Troy & Nicole Roberts, founders of RAW Impact will lead the practical aspect of the retreat which takes place on Gunty’s Island. You will have the opportunity to participate in a building project for an impoverished community close to the capital of Phnom Penh, experiencing this incredible country and its people through meaningful activities that will spark the spirit of generosity within you.

Join Troy & Nicole Roberts from RAW Impact and get in touch with the values of contribution and kindness!

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Hayley Melrose

Movement Teacher

Hayley Melrose is a Medicine Woman, Visionary Photographer, and Kundalini Dance Pioneer, from Sydney, Australia. Hayley shares her transformational work globally, in workshops, retreats and festivals, encouraging people to really break through, open up and rise in confidence. She energizes people in such a deep yet playful way, taking them on self discovery tour, of their inner being.

Hayley will be taking us on a mini Movement Journey each morning to start our day off in a positive, energized way. We will be using breath, sound, gentle movement and stretching, to sink into our bodies and hearts, and get out of the mind. This will be the perfect accompaniment to all the brain activity and building of houses! We will let go, shake, be free and have fun together.

Join Hayley Melrose to reconnect with your heart and spirit!

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Our on-the-ground partner for the 2017 retreat program is RAW Impact, a non-for-profit organisation registered with the Cambodian Government, in partnership with Global Development Group Australia, which operates out of Phnom Penh.

RAW Impact's vision is to raise awareness worldwide and inspire powerful change through life-changing volunteer experiences and sustainable projects in Cambodia.

Major projects have included the relocation of 100 displaced families and the recent construction of a school for 280 students, which was designed and engineered by French and Australian companies.

Learn more about RAW Impact by checking out their website and join us today for i4 Live 2017!

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Join Us in Cambodia

Enrol today and make a real difference!

The focus of the retreat is on cultivating generosity and exploring the science of contribution. We are excited to be donating $1,000 per participant, to raise much needed funds for the materials of the RAW Impact Building Project on Gunty's Island, home to an impoverished community of displaced families.

As part of this program, you will have the chance to fundraise for the RAW Impact - 2017 i4 Live Retreat Project and support this wonderful cause. All of RAW Impact's projects aim to provide sustainable solutions to reduce long term poverty in a country that has experienced a very dark history.

Read all the details in our program guide!

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