The i4 Methodology:
Developing leaders for the 21st century

Discover the core 'brain and body' abilities that have a direct impact on leadership effectiveness, productivity, well-being and true engagement.

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What is creating value in the current global economy?

We believe it is a person's ideas and thinking

Together with an innovative mind, developing personal leadership attributes is vital when collaborating with others to bring ideas to life. Making this happen while staying relevant requires agility and optimal brain performance to meet the demands of this ever-changing world.

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Building Leaders for the Imagination Age

The Case for The i4 Neuroleader Model

White Paper

Our White Paper

Take a leap into the future!

In this report, leadership & talent expert Katharine McLennan, discusses how the Imagination Age is disrupting the way we will lead our organisations and the techniques required to perform based on our neurobiology. This document also outlines in detail the case for the i4 Neuroleader Model & Methodology.

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As we bring hard science to the forefront of human performance optimisation, we see the neuroleader beginning to surface and evolving into a new leadership archetype.

The Leadership Evolution

From Managers to Neuroleaders

Times have changed. New discoveries and technologies are shifting how we think, behave and interact with the world.



Industrial Age

  • Control = Power
  • Systematic
  • Task focused
  • Measured
  • I know
  • No feedback


Information Age

  • Knowledge = Power
  • Visionary
  • People focused
  • Courageous
  • We know
  • One-way feedback


Imagination Age

  • Ideas = Power
  • Creator
  • Brain focused
  • Vulnerable
  • Who knows?
  • Every direction feedback

An Expert's View

Managment Guru & Head of Talent at Manpower Group

The i4 Methodology

Fresh thinking for a new era

The future no longer belongs to people who can only reason, apply logic and be precise. There is a growing need for all of us to adopt a renewed approach to leading ourselves and others.

The About my Brain's Institute's i4 Methodology is a leadership development and well-being framework. It allows individuals, teams and organisations to re-think and challenge their current leadership and business practices while discovering the inner core abilities required to lead in the global innovation economy.

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  • Expands people's body & brain awareness

  • Enhances well-being & performance

  • Fosters the desire for change

  • Creates a new level of conversation

Why leadership

Leadership is in human nature and the skills to lead can be learnt and developed. The world needs leaders more than ever and you can certainly be one of them.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, educator, change agent or someone working for an organisation, advancing your leadership capacities will help you gain insights into yourself and prepare you to make better decisions, motivate others and acquire a new perspective on life.

Why Neuroscience

Since the concept of leadership became popular many decades ago, new advances in the neuroscience field have emerged. These findings are helping us to understand how our brains work.

Imagining the future, planning, prioritising, regulating our emotions and being aware of our behaviours are some of the functions that the brain is capable of producing. Learning the secrets of how to optimise the brain’s performance has now become critical in the development of leadership.

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The i4 Neuroleader Revolution

Why the i4 Neuroleader Model

A leadership model vital for the Imagination Age

The economic landscape and work environments have changed and become more complex than we ever imagined. Existing leadership models have not kept up with these changes, thus the need to adopt a renewed perspective on leadership.

The ‘i4 Neuroleader Model‘ proposes a novel approach to leadership and a more cost-effective way to reawaken the leadership powers within us, by first identifying our inner abilities and then learning how to use them more effectively.

Delve deeper by reading the book 'Leadership is Upside Down'

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The i4 Neuroleader Model

Created by leadership expert Silvia Damiano, the i4 Neuroleader is a personal leadership model with the brain at its core, made up of four key competencies and sixteen underpinning pillars.


i4 Neuroleader  

A brain that is balanced and healthy can accomplish unimaginable things.


The optimal level - mental and/or physical - that one can achieve when executing a task.


The attainment of a common goal, through the effort of a combined body of people working together.


The generation of ideas, the tenacity to bring them to life, and the ability to enthuse others to support them.


The capacity to read and adjust rapidly to changing conditions in one's environment.

The 4 i's of the model

Taking into account brain & body abilities

The i4 Model features brain and body processes that have been relegated and in many cases forgotten when it comes to leadership and management practices. Abilities such as inspiration, intuition, imagination and the importance of an integrated brain are the origins of the term 'i4'.

These four abilities exist in our brains and bodies and anyone can learn how to develop them!

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  • Integration

  • Inspiration

  • Imagination

  • Intuition

The i4 Model Expanded

The set of capabilities featured in the i4 Neuroleader Model can unlock anyone's potential to succeed as a leader in any endeavour.

Measure, quantify & track the sixteen abilities of the i4 Model!

i4 Neuroleader Tools
  • Integration
  • Balance
  • Ethics
  • Mental Readiness
  • Inspiration
  • Communication
  • Generosity
  • Courage
  • Imagination
  • Drive
  • Curiosity
  • Attitude
  • Intuition
  • Awareness
  • Influence
  • Adaptability

Case Studies

Our clients talking about the i4 Assessment & Methodology

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