Corporate Programs Creating Brain
Friendly Cultures

Our programs are designed to integrate cutting-edge science research with engaging learning experiences. Lifting peoples' consciousness and co-creating brain-friendly workplace environments is the key to a high performing organisation.

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About Our Programs

Creating a new type of culture where people can thrive!

We are now living in a VUCA world - one of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Change is all around us. The boundaries between our private and professional lives are blurred - and balancing both is increasingly challenging.

Against this backdrop, we need to re-think how we equip our people in our organisations to perform consistently well at a high level. It is about taking a more holistic view of the interplay between our minds and bodies and how we need to nurture them to create the thriving leaders we need for success in the VUCA world.

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Voted as one of the Best Leadership Development Programs of 2018 by the Australian Institute of Training & Development.

Leading in a VUCA World

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Attracting high-quality people, motivated, self-directed and driven may be the first step in achieving the desired business outcomes but helping them sustain their brain and body performance over time is equally important.

Our Approach

Leadership meets wellness, meets science!

The i4 Neuroleader Model & Methodology is the overarching framework that guides the design of our corporate interventions and cultural transformation programs.

We combine areas of neuroscience and wellness, such as brain & gut health, body movement, sleep and mindfulness, with the latest in leadership and talent development.

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  • Blended Learning & Assessments

  • Retreat-like Experiences & Events

  • Coaching Circles & Mentoring

  • Internal Train the Trainer

  • Senior, Middle Management & Front-Line Programs

Our Clients

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The i4 Brain-Friendly Organisation Award

Recognising dedication and commitment

Every year at our annual i4 Tales Conference we award an organisation that has made a significant effort in implementing ‘brain-friendly’ practices.

Being more ‘brain-friendly’ means understanding why we behave the way we do and taking accountability, making changes personally and at an organisational level to improve the overall culture and the way people work together.

If you want to enhance the 'employee experience' and get involved in our i4 Brain Friendly Awards, get in touch!

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