The i4 Neuroleader Methodology Developing brain-friendly leaders, teams & cultures

The i4 Methodology is a set of principles, tools and processes that help people and organisations improve leadership performance, creativity, engagement and well-being.

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What is creating value in the current global economy?

We believe it is a person's ideas and thinking

Together with an innovative mind, developing personal leadership capacities is vital when collaborating with others to bring ideas to life. There is a growing need for all of us to adopt a renewed approach towards how we create economic value and how we lead ourselves and others. Making this happen while staying relevant requires agility and optimal brain & body performance if we are to meet the demands of the Imagination Age.

Learn how the i4 Neuroleader Model & Methodology can be used to develop leadership capability in the 21st Century.

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The leaders of the Imagination Age depend on the wellness of their brains, which necessarily demands the wellness of their bodies.

Brain-Friendly Cultures

Meeting the demands of the Imagination Age

Creating a brain-friendly culture implies adjusting our present reality to establish healthier ways of being and working. This involves developing new mindsets, behaviours and habits, some of which may be quite different from those currently prevailing.

The About my Brain Institute's i4 Neuroleader Model is the competency framework that guides the creation of a brain-friendly culture. The i4 Methodology is the set of principles, tools & processes that helps develop and embed the competencies of the model.

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The i4 Model The i4 Methodology

Overview by The Creator

Silvia Damiano introduces the i4 Model & Methodology


About the i4 Methodology

Supporting the development of brain-friendly cultures

The i4 Methodology is based on the principles of expansion, awareness, evolution and neuro-leading. These principles inform the staged i4 Transformational Process designed to develop the competencies of the i4 Neuroleader Model.

Once developed, these competencies will enable individuals to achieve an improved sense of well-being, augmented creativity, true engagement & higher levels of effectiveness.

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  • EXPANSIONKnowing how we function as a biological system

  • AWARENESSAcquiring a more objective & holistic view of ourselves

  • EVOLUTIONCreating a renewed way of feeling, thinking & acting

  • NEURO-LEADINGLeading from an optimal state of being

The i4 Methodology Transformational Process

A simple roadmap for developing brain-friendly leaders

The i4 Transformational Process consists of four stages that can be used by individuals, teams and organisations. This process starts by exploring how our brains and bodies function, followed by the gathering of useful data that can help select practical brain-friendly habits. These habits are then embedded and reinforced through follow-up activities and further tracking.

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