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12 October 2015

Several years ago I participated in a workshop led by Dr. Deepak Chopra in California called “Journey into Healing”. That was an experience that I have never forgotten. In that program, Deepak unravelled the secrets of good health following basic Ayurvedic principles. Since then, interest around eating the right food, maintaining good health and managing stress has exponentially become popular.

Understanding the relationship between gut and brain is a subject of particular appeal to me because I continuously notice poor eating habits in the people I coach and I can see how this is affecting their clarity of thinking, mood and well-being.

In this journey of discovery, I came cross the work of Dr. Rama Prasad, an Ayurvedic doctor who has lived in Sydney for the past 20 years. Along with effectively managing a variety of health conditions, he specialises in Vedic Age-Reversal. Vedic Age Reversal generates peak health in short time.

Dr. Rama received a unique eight-year residential training at the International Institute of Ayurveda, south India. As part of this training, he also learned classical martial art (Kalaripayattu) and clinical yoga from his masters. Dr. Prasad was awarded “Ayurveda Acharya” by the Central council of Indian medicine in late 1980s.

In our recent interview, he explained how important it is to prepare for work so we can have the energy we need to face our daily challenges. “To have vitality and strength, it is essential to optimise our nutrition, sleep well and learn to relax”, he says.

Optimising our nutrition requires we prepare ourselves to digest, absorb, assimilate and eliminate the food we eat. These four key processes have to be performed well if we want high energy; otherwise body inflammation and diseases start to emerge.

His words have stayed in my mind:

The gut reflects the body. It is our window to the world. If it is clean, strong and functional, the rest of the body has energy and vitality. A healthy gut is reflected in a clear mind and good intuition.

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