In The Pursuit Of Generosity

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31 October 2016

When we think of generosity, most people think they are being generous by giving away something they don’t need, the clothes from last season or perhaps the left over coins at the end of an overseas trip that we gladly outsource to the airlines to sort through.

That Is What I Call ‘Easy Generosity’.

The harder one is being generous when we have to give away something that we really want. Generosity could probably be defined as the act of giving something to someone which you would have liked to have had for yourself. If it hurts a bit or makes you uncomfortable - that’s the type of generosity I am talking about!

Have you ever thought of how many times per day, per week or even per year, you are being generous in this way? Or perhaps you are the type of person who is so busy and preoccupied with other things that has no time to think about generosity. 

I would like to suggest that today is the right time to start thinking about how you manifest generosity in your life.

Why Is Generosity Important?

Lack of generosity may affect the way you relate to the people around you, how your team at work collaborates and even how the members of your family treat and respect one another.

There are plenty of examples that demonstrate how some people become more generous in the face of adversity.

The Question Here Is;

How can we become more generous on a daily basis, even if it is with small gestures?

Generosity, kindness and contribution creates healthy cooperation.These ‘intangibles’ make us more social and can help advance organisations and humanity overall.

There are many ways to nurture our spirit of generosity. One of them is by helping out those who have less.

An example of this is Australian couple Troy and Nicole Roberts, founders of non-for-profit organisation RAW Impact. One day they decided to leave the comforts of Australia and set up a project to help educate and protect some of the poorest people in Cambodia in order to prevent debt slavery and human trafficking.

What started as an idea on their honeymoon, has become a life changing career. Troy and Nicole have been living in Cambodia for the past 4 years, building houses for displaced families, constructing and founding a school, and employing over 25 people in Cambodia and Australia.

Some of their projects include taking students and corporate groups who want to donate their time, knowledge and skills to help rebuild a country that has a history of mistrust, pain and significant suffering.  

Be Part Of An Exciting Adventure!

At the About my Brain Institute, we have been deeply touched by their work and commitment. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with RAW Impact to run the 2017 i4 Live Retreat Program to combine brain-based learning with hands-on, meaningful activities that will certainly rejuvenate you! 

Also joining us, will be Dr. Harald Harung from Oslo University, who will share the findings of his research on world-class leaders and one of the most cutting edge topics in leadership today: the achievement of excellence through mind-brain development. 

What a great way to spend 7 days of our lives, expanding our sense of contribution by being part of something bigger than ourselves, and learning from experts in the field. 

We are launching the 2017 i4 Live Retreat with enough anticipation to allow you to book your diary in advance. Make the commitment to yourself and to the families that you will be helping in Cambodia through this exciting adventure.

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