As days go by, we are getting more excited about our trip, a huge gathering of tech and business people that has now earned the title of “the best technology conference on the planet.”

This year, it will unite more than 20,000 people from a wide range of communities. People are flying in from all over the world to listen to more than 600 speakers over three days.

About my Brain Institute will be joining the ranks of start-ups demonstrating and exhibiting what we do, and I am particularly excited since I will also be speaking at what they call the People’s Stage on the topic of ‘Leading in the Imagination Age.’

From Eva Longoria to Bono, from Peter Thiel, former founder of PayPal, to Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco, it seems that the organisers have managed to get a great crowd to the beautiful country of Ireland. What can I say? I am really excited!

The conference comes with added benefits. Food festivals, music, apps and even pub crawling events will enable us to connect with like-minded people. There is also a free student summit to teach young people the skills they need to prosper in the new economy and show them which careers will be emerging.

I am looking forward to experiencing first hand, the spirit of this incredible event. The world is currently changing at an unprecedented rate. To accommodate these changes, a nimble mindset is needed in organisations. This mindset should encompass having a personal  mission, being open to new thinking, and developing the agility to navigate these fast changes and the capacity to create a shared purpose with others.

Large and well-established organisations would certainly benefit by adopting the start-up mindset amongst their staff. Activating people’s imagination is attractive, powerful and it creates growth.

The challenges of the future will be solved by enthused brains imagining and collaborating together. Running around and creating more paperwork is not the solution. Every individual and organisation in the world could make an effort to look at their own practises and join this evolution, even from afar.

In my view, imagination and focus are two key aspects to a better future.

Published on:
3 November 2014

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Silvia Damiano

Silvia Damiano

Founder & CEO
About my Brain Institute

Scientist, educator, author, speaker, coach, award-winning leadership specialist, filmmaker and creator of the i4 Neuroleader Model & Methodology.

Silvia's scientific background and curiosity about the human brain led her to a decade long journey of research into optimal brain functioning and the application of neuroscience in leadership and daily life. Her past and current roles have uniquely prepared her for the current undertaking, that of leadership activist & change agent.

Silvia Damiano founded The About my Brain Institute in 2009, with the purpose of democratising leadership & neuroscience. She has a passionately held belief, that leaders in our 21st century global economy and their organisations must radically change long-held ideas of what constitutes effective leadership

In her ground-breaking books ‘Leadership is Upside Down’, ‘Brain-Friendly Leadership’ and the 2018 documentary ‘Make Me A Leader’, Silvia provides both compelling evidence and explores the importance of leadership in our personal and professional lives and what it takes to develop the human behind the leader.

Silvia has worked in different countries, across many industries, helping teams and organisations improve business performance. Silvia’s clients have described her as a passionate, dynamic, a highly experienced speaker and master facilitator on the topics of Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Change, Neuroleadership & Engagement.

Silvia is passionate about leaving a legacy of well-rounded leaders who can act and decide in a way that better serves humanity. Her clients include Microsoft, Australian Stock Exchange, NSW Government, VISA, Fuji Xerox and Manpower amongst many other global companies.

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