On Entrepreneurship & The Creative Brain

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2 May 2012

“Being an entrepreneur means you have to wear many hats”, say the experts. I would like to suggest that being an entrepreneur requires the person to have the ability to use brain circuits that he/she may not have explored before. 

Those who enter the artistic industries, in general, seem to have a tendency for thinking about concepts, exploring their artistic vein and projecting themselves into the future with great ideas and a willingness to experiment.

This is a good start if one considers that ideas are the fuel to make things happen.

However, it is not enough. To achieve success in any enterprise, it is vital to develop ourselves in areas that may not be our “preferred ones” but are critical in acquiring the “entrepreneur” mindset.

So… What Is Important To Learn?

  1. How to establish processes and systems that will save us time, particularly when we are starting a new venture
  2. How to promote ourselves, what we do (or can do) and our products and services
  3. How to be socially intelligent so we can develop positive relationships with clients, providers or people that work with us
  4. How we are (yes…. self-knowledge), our reactions and how to manage them, particularly when things do not go the way we expect.
  5. How to manage the cash flow so we do not spend more than we earn
  6. How to portray a vision and communicate it to others

These six points are undoubtedly a product of what our brains can or cannot do. Learning how “our brains” work will make us more aware and attentive to those behaviours that may get in the way of our success.

The good news is that our brains are plastic, which means that we can build new connections between neurons all the time. This is an extraordinary finding because we can modify habits that are less useful or attain new ones that can help us become a more rounded individual, therefore a better entrepreneur.

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