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1 August 2021

The Pandemic! What a disrupting way to start thinking differently about one’s life... COVID-19 has undoubtedly shaken us to the core and for each person around the globe, it has certainly meant different things. For me, it translated into a long sabbatical in 2020 which continued in 2021 as I had to attend to various family health challenges. The outcome? A stronger and more resilient me. 

One who does not fret about small issues, one who accepts things as they are and one who is continuously grateful for one more day on this earth.
Tweet: “One who does not fret about small issues, one who accepts things as they are and one who is continuously grateful for one more day on this earth.” @silviadamiano @aboutmybrain


Experiencing the pandemic with my ‘leadership development hat’ and observing what has been happening made me even more adamant about leadership and the work we started back in 2009.

Being able to witness numerous examples of it (good and not so good) displayed in real time, confirmed my belief that leadership is at the core of everything we do in life. Leadership can make a society better or completely affect the lives of millions of people.

Even though I learnt to enjoy periods of ‘doing nothing’ (which is good for the brain, by the way), I also learnt to happily stay at home instead of globe-trotting around the world.

So... What’s New?

This provided me with the much needed time to complete one of our newest publications ‘The i4 Neuroleader™ Compendium’, which features an outstanding collection of research conducted since the inception of the i4 Neuroleader™ Model.

I also worked on a collaborative project with Spanish guru in management, Juan Carlos Cubeiro, author of 52 other books.

This collaboration resulted in a new book called...
Brain-friendly Leadership: The 9 Habits of a Future-Fit Mind’.

The Spanish version was published in Spain in 2020 (even though our book fairs were cancelled due to COVID-19). Alas, we are VERY excited to be launching ‘Brain-Friendly Leadership’ in English. In preparation, register your interest for our virtual book launch, where we will celebrate the release of our publication. Subscribe to the live stream on YouTube below:

But wait there is more...

Along with these 2 new books, we released:

  1. A new edition of the ‘Leadership is Upside Down’ Book & Workbook (the two original publications have been merged). This edition is now available as a downloadable PDF eBook inside the i4 Neuroleader™ Platform. You can also purchase the Paperback and ePub versions on the Amazon store.
  2. Our original face-to-face and online certifications have been actualised and merged together. You can now access the new i4 Neuroleader™ Certification as a full virtual experience from anywhere in the world. It is packed with countless resources and live professional development sessions.
  3. Our brand, learning resources, website and product / program guides. We also released our award-winning documentary ‘Make Me A Leader’ on YouTube for free... yes, we’ve been busy!

Together with the updates mentioned above, we would like to introduce you to the ‘Brain-Friendly Channel’ - a live steam show dedicated to exploring how leadership needs to be redefined to meet the current and future challenges of the 21st Century.

On offer, is a mix of free sessions live streamed via our social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram), as well as professional skills development content which you can access as part of the annual subscription to the i4 Neuroleader™ Platform.

Follow and subscribe to the social platform of your choice and stay up to date with our upcoming show.

Moving Into The Future

Our enthusiasm for improving leadership around the planet has not been crushed by the circumstances. There were moments, of course, where I asked myself what’s the point.

But then, you get asked by a great CEO to run a leadership development program online in the middle of the Pandemic and you realise, then, that to keep going is the right thing to do. See this Case Study and video interview here.

I want to take the opportunity to thank all those clients who despite the current environment believe that developing people is better than doing nothing and realise that an energised and optimistic work force is better for business than an apathetic one. 

For those, who find it difficult to attract new talent, offer them development and the equation may turn around. There is an inevitable thirst for humans to know themselves and to be creative and contribute to the greater good. Those leaders who learn how to discover this untapped potential will be ahead of the curve in the years to come.

Providing wider access to the latest thinking in neuroscience and wellbeing applied to leadership is About my Brain Institute’s priority. After all our vision is to ‘democratise leadership & neuroscience’. Through the i4 Neuroleader Assessment, we aim to offer a fully resourced virtual learning space designed to develop a new breed of leaders.

Together, let’s understand how to overcome what’s affecting us today to create a better and more brain-friendly world.

Humanity depends on it!

- - -

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