Proving The Impossible, Possible

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29 April 2015

For many, the nine-to-five work-life reality, mixed with after hours activities, can leave us feeling rather stale in terms of having an exciting routine - but who said routines are good for us anyway?

Have you ever considered how much more exciting life would be if you questioned things in the world and actioned change, as opposed to just accepting what is?

Join us for this i4 Tales taster, as we explore the power of the imagination on breaking the ‘status-quo’ with Biomedical Engineer, Dr. Jordan Nguyen, who thinks:

A life without curiosity… would just be really mundane.

On a day-to-day basis, Dr. Nguyen’s work has him challenging the existing offering of diagnostic and assistive technology in the disability industry, whilst also pursuing further research on his ‘smart wheelchair’.

Proving the impossible, possible, this intelligent product uses ‘shared control’ technology that combines the wheelchair’s ability to see, think and action a safe route from A to B, with the users’ brain waves that allocate the destination.

Can it be possible to control something like a chair with the power of the mind? I thought it was impossible.

You may be wondering what led Dr. Nguyen to firstly see this need and secondly to take action and endeavour to fill it with his creativity. Well, the answer is simple – curiosity.

Often sparked by something, curiosity involves using your imagination to question the ‘what if’, rather than accepting the world for how it is. For Dr. Nguyen, a personal experience that left him unable to move (for a day) after sustaining damage to the muscles in his neck from an afternoon by the pool going wrong, was a close enough call to ignite a passion within that is clearly evident to this day, for helping others who are not so fortunate.

My main goal is to have as much positive impact on as many lives as I can.

Curiosity killed the cat, or did it?

So we’re sure you’ve all heard this phrase before, but have you ever considered that “getting into routine and ignoring your curiosity, that is really part of human nature, is something that will actually bring your curiosity down?”

Dr. Nguyen explains that curiosity feeds on itself, that is, “the more curious you become about your world and your environment, the more it will happen, and you’ll start to take more and more action.”

So whilst every curious idea or thought may not lead to a life-improving invention or change the world on a global scale, it may lead to positive change in your world and feed the next curious idea. 

Tips to help you be more curious & apply it to your life:

  1. Don’t take things for granted.
  2. Ask all the right questions.
  3. Really be open to input from others when you do ask the right questions.


Dr. Jordan Nguyen at i4 Tales 2015

i4 Tales - Vivid Ideas

Dr. Jordan Nguyen joined us at the i4 Tales Conference in 2015 to explore how to awaken curiosity and innovation.

To join us at our next i4 Tales Conference visit our website for upcoming dates!

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