Shooting An Arrow Into The Future To Change The World

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17 October 2017

Constant political, economic and technical changes make today an exciting time to be alive, but they also create uncertainty. Artificial intelligence is a reality and – understandably – is a source of fear for many. But what if it’s possible to ensure that the future is a good place - one where humans can pursue their dreams, and the planet shares in their prosperity and happiness?

The Dream Doesn’t Just Have To Be A Dream Anymore

I recently interviewed international leadership consultant and author Grant Soosalu for my upcoming 2018 documentary Make Me A Leader. His work uses the latest neuroscience studying the link between the brain, heart, and gut. The leadership of the future requires more than a high IQ, or what Grant terms the ‘head-brain’. Leadership also requires compassion, and Grant’s acronym CARE represents what so many leadership models are lacking.

CARE stands for Connection, Appreciation, Respect, and Empathy. Effective leaders must be more than intelligent and intuitive. They also have to understand that decisions are driven by more than logic. Chances are you will have experienced a ‘gut feeling’, or known that you wanted to do something ‘with all your heart’. We need to acknowledge the evidence that the brain, heart, and gut are all vital to the decision-making process – and therefore also leadership.

Enlighten Your Head, Engage Your Heart And Empower Your Gut

To be healthy, our body needs to be in autonomic balance. Think of a see-saw. When the see-saw is balanced, it’s not moving. Nothing is too high or too low. We need to get our bodies to this same balanced state.

Reaching this balanced state is important in all areas, but especially in leadership, where we have a significant problem. In general society, sociopaths represent about 1-2% of the population. But in senior leadership, the numbers can be as high as one 15%. When you look at your leadership team through this lens (or ‘C-sweep,') chances are one or more of them displays sociopathic or narcissistic characteristics.

Worse, as the emotional state at the top of the organization tends to trickle down, dysfunction at the top is amplified and can enter the culture as an acceptable way of acting and being.

Artificial Intelligence provides an opportunity for us to address and undo this negative aspect of leadership.

“A small shift right now can change where society and the world goes. That to me is an amazing opportunity.”

Grant Soosalu

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. Instead of being afraid of an A.I. future, why shouldn’t we embrace it? We have the opportunity to influence this developing technology, and combine the findings of neuroscience with robotic technology and programming to help ensure a positive future for all.

The idea isn’t to replace humans with robots but to embrace humanity, whilst perhaps offsetting its worst aspects. This could help people to break out of the cycle of having to work constantly just to survive.

The Time To Influence The Future Is Now

It is up to current leaders of all types – political, big businesses, family-owned organisations, and everything in between - to fire that arrow into the future.

As they say, “May you live in interesting times” ….. indeed. 


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