Last Sunday I went to the Chalk Urban Art Festival where Julie Doye, our featured artist for the 2011 Brain Art Exhibition was doing a great piece of chalk work about Jimmy Hendrix. Congratulations Julie, your artwork was phenomenal! Despite my science background, I have always been a fan of artistic endeavours. 

Even though we always know that art is important in the development of a person, today’s studies of biology are suggesting that art education is essential for future academic and professional success.

It is very obvious that there is an increasing interest in art education and substantial encouragement from government institutions such as the Art & About Program which is being promoted in Sydney at the moment.

Art education assists the brain in rewiring itself, creating new connections between neurons. Without it, this rewiring would probably be limited. There is significant data that can demonstrate the correlation between students who undertake some sort of artistic endeavour and achievement scores in the traditional subjects.

As Dr. Evian Gordon, a prolific painter and CEO of Brain Resource Company said

Painting keeps my brain in balance.

So, if you are wondering…. Is art a worthwhile investment for my children or myself? Should I spend one day a week taking that pottery class that I have always dreamt of?

Well, if you asked me, the answer is YES. Go ahead and register in whatever form of art you fancy, be it - poetry writing, theatre, cartooning, singing or playing a musical instrument. Exploring new ways of doing things enriches your brain and your life. 

The Art of Being Constructive with my Blues - By Julie Doye The Art of Being Constructive with my Blues - By Julie Doye

About the Artist
Julie Doye is a prolific painter, illustrator, installation and performance artist. Her highly colourful and heavily symbolic works draw together a diverse range of influences to portray an often humorous reflection of modern life.


Originally posted on: 14 October 2010
Last updated on: 18 February 2024

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