On a brisk Saturday morning marking the last weekend of autumn, a dedicated team were already hard at work behind-the-scenes setting up at Billy Blue College of Design Ultimo campus, for what was to be an inspiring, thought-provoking afternoon.

The day was filled with deliciously healthy brain food and smoothies by Hatrick Catering & Deluxe and Co, decadent hand-made Tejas chocolates, collaborative discussions and beautiful minds sharing their stories as part of the About my Brain Institute's i4 Tales Event, run in partnership with Vivid Ideas Sydney Festival of 2015.

As guests arrived, they were greeted with a friendly welcome and informed of the various elements they could experience within the space, including the soothing strumming of a live guitarist and the tantalising offering of brain-friendly food and beverages.

When time came for the tales to begin, guests were ushered into the auditorium, filling the space entirely as the speakers prepared themselves and waited in anticipation to deliver their stories, each as individual and unique as the next, yet all interrelated just the same.

Opening the day was Silvia Damiano, founder of the About my Brain Institute, author and leader, who’s concluding poem filled the room with immensely raw emotion, as her words delivered a message deep set in both joy and sorrow for the past, present and future to come. 

A Showreel of the Day!

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With each new speaker, came a diverse range of tales from a biomedical engineer turned inventor, Dr. Jordan Nguyen, to a neuroscientist turned movement & flow expert, Dr. Kaushik Ram.

Watching the audience’s reception from afar, it was evident the diversity of content being presented was being received with great curiosity and interest from all who attended.

A mid-afternoon break saw the opportunity for guests to experience the delights of freshly made smoothies with raw protein powder from Amazonia alongside the ever so tempting Del Solar Chocolates – let’s be honest, who could stop at just one?

Amidst the enthusiasm, guests intermingled with the speakers and team alike, sharing their personal tales in what was an open and positive environment.

After the break, which for some included the much needed coffee fix, the inspiring tales continued, with guests captivated and engaged by all who presented.

And as the afternoon drew to a close in the early evening we experienced a beautiful occurrence, with many attendees staying on to discuss and chat amongst themselves – it was a truly energetic vibe we were delighted to see!

Alas the i4 Tales Conference may now be in the past, but the intent of starting conversations and inspiring people is only just beginning.

To those of those who attended, to our partners for sponsoring the event and to our speakers - we would like to say a huge thank you!

And to our dedicated team, we are truly appreciative of all the work you put in transforming this idea into reality, words cannot describe our appreciation.

To all of you - please stay in touch and if you missed out on the i4 Tales Conference this time around, subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed about more exciting events and gatherings to come!

Originally posted on: 11 June 2015
Last updated on: 25 May 2024
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