Garry Mills

Garry Mills

Certified i4 Practitioner
Garry’s passion and commitment is to help people and organisations achieve prosperity and fulfilment by integrating leadership and culture development with brain science.

Since the mid 1990s, Garry has worked in a range of sectors and roles, both in Australia and overseas. He has had a wide and exciting variety of roles including; the former bodyguard to the Australian Prime Minister and other world leaders, in which he lead complex and challenging operations. Garry was also a Victoria police officer, Australian federal police agent, specialist law enforcement training instructor & manager.

In addition to his public service roles, he has also been a jackaroo, radio presenter and a TV personality representing Australia as an athlete on Foxtel and Netflix for an international outdoor sports & survival reality TV series. Garry has an active sports life as an Ironman triathlete.

Garry is also a member of Beyond Blue’s Ambassador & Speaker Bureau, where he shares his story of recovery from depression back in 2012. His aim to help people feel supported and take action. He also offers tips to help people understand more about depression.

Today, Garry helps people and teams achieve what he likes to describe as a ‘calmer influence inside the chaos’. Garry is an experienced coach, facilitator, speaker and mentor for executives, professional & elite athletes, developing leaders, small businesses, teams & organisations across various industries and government.

Posts by Garry Mills

The Petronas Twin Towers - Creative Brilliance and Technical Expertise 

by Garry Mills on 27 November 2020

The Petronas Twin Towers - Creative Brilliance and Technical Expertise 

The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia is an 88-story engineering masterpiece that’s affectionately known as Kuala Lumpur’s crown jewel. Each tower climbs 452 metres into the sky like a bridge to another world in the clouds, a magnificent display of laminated glass and stainless steel r …

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The Personal Power of Challenging Ourselves

by Garry Mills on 27 February 2020

How The I4 Neuroleader Program Can Help Us Face Challenges - About my Brain Institute

We all experience multiple challenges during our life. Some are out of our control, some are within our control, while the rest are somewhere in between. Here, I am focusing on the challenges where you have a choice. You can say yes or no! You can choose to go for it or not. It’s your …

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