Jo Turner

Jo Turner

Jo is the Go To Person for Behaviour in Cluster 8. She is passionate about helping students and the adults who support them, to understand and teach the skills/strategies of self- management, executive function, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Challenging behaviour poses many dilemmas and can cause varying levels of anxiety in schools. Jo has experience and training in delivering Incredible Years for Teachers, UBRS (Understanding Behaviour Responding Safely), SWPB4L, Safe Crisis Management and MAPA. Another passion is the application of the growing body of knowledge of neuroscience to learning and behaviour. This is an exciting area she is curious to research and apply to RTLB work.

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An Engaging Method To Promote Brain-Friendly Cultures

by Jo Turner on 22 October 2019

An Engaging Method To Promote Brain-Friendly Cultures - About my Brain Institute

Finding a leadership and wellbeing or methodology which is supported by neuroscience is no easy task, and discovering the i4 Neuroleader Certification has helped us further develop how to turn challenges into opportunities. “Brain-Friendly” isn’t just a buzz word, it’s how we should s …

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