Mindy Murrow

Mindy Murrow

Certified i4 Neuroleader™ Practitioner
Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'm an energetic, expressive, passionate leader who speaks the language of relationships AND excellence. I build strong leadership, development & coaching cultures that affect shareholder, customer and employee productivity and produce great business results. I began my career as a people leader then, shifted my focus and education to the profession of Organization Development. I have expertise in creating and embedding data-based, strengths-focused, coaching-supported, business-aligned development systems that contribute to business income and profitable growth. Building organization capabilities requires a continuous set of strategies, development systems, rewards, coaching, assessments, competency models, and behaviors that build leaders at all levels of an organization; learning, adjusting and adapting as the organization develops and grows.

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Leadership Realised

by Mindy Murrow on 8 March 2023

Leadership Realised - About my Brain Institute

What I Knew to be True It’s 2006, I hear David Rock speak at a conference and spend time with him to better understand the messages he was bringing to the world. I’m energised about bringing the brain and neuroscience into my work as an Organisational Development (OD) practitioner and …

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