Can I Have Your Slides, Please?

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16 March 2017

If you have been in leadership development for more than a decade or so, you have likely noticed an influx of people wanting to join the ranks of this expansive profession.

I feel this enthusiasm at every event or conference I deliver around the world. Attendees regularly approach me for our slides after each presentation. People are hungry to understand how to develop a leadership practice and then use this knowledge to apply the latest findings from the neuroscience and health fields to their own offering.

Experiencing this level of interest gives me hope and brightens the future, particularly when I see how much the world needs high-calibre leaders. We all know that even when a business generates top revenue, great leadership gives an organisation a ‘better feeling’ with people being more engaged and productive.

Investing In Growth Leads To Success

Learning how to lead ourselves and others should be part of the DNA of any company and investing generously in people’s growth should not be argued or dismissed. People are happier when they learn about themselves. When employees are more satisfied, they are motivated, particularly if they can understand how their brain works and how to optimise it. This is part of what we teach in our i4 Neuroleader Program.

I have long considered how our well-tested and holistic i4 Neuroleader Program could benefit those who are eager to teach or train others. Incorporating neuroscience and wellness in the understanding of self is here to stay.

If you want to take your leadership practice to a new level, I would like to invite you to learn with us and join our i4 Practitioner Network.

Let’s Spread The Word And Help People Gain Insights Into Their Own Lives

Through the i4 Practitioner Network, we can spread the word and teach others how to create world-class leadership in every sector of society. Participating in our programs will benefit your clients and help you embrace your own authenticity.

i4 Practitioners Brooke Schiller and Katie Hancock have generously shared their own experiences with us. I invite you to read the incredible stories they have contributed to our blog. These women were able to overcome challenges that more and more people are experiencing.

Their stories speak of hardship, of courage, and of perseverance. Teaching others how to think differently about their lives and giving them the knowledge to become happier, well-rounded individuals is priceless. It's difficult to assign a monetary value when you share the gift of insight.

You can’t look after your family, you can’t be there for your friends, you can’t be a great boss or colleague if you don’t look after yourself first.

Katie Hancock

It’s Time To Move Into The Imagination Age

It is very exciting for me to announce that we at the About my Brain Institute have just launched the most cutting edge content in the brain-based leadership space. Our products are aimed at consultants and also at leaders or anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.

The models and frameworks of the past have served their purpose. If you are still using these outdated models, it is time to move on and learn a new, streamlined leadership methodology. The Imagination Age is here, and ideas, rather than knowledge, equal power.


What Does This Mean For Consultants & Coaches?

We are pleased to introduce the new i4 Neuroleader Certification. One of our core products, it includes incredible resources and two personalised one-on-one virtual sessions to ensure the concepts are properly understood and that the next steps of how to use this knowledge are clear.

This program will teach you everything you need to know about the i4 Model. You will learn how to present on this topic, and how to debrief the i4 Assessments that are part of the methodology. You will have access to sets of slides professionally designed to support you in rolling out the i4 Model with your clients.

If you want to train or teach others using the i4 Neuroleader Model and delve deeper into the “hot” topic of brain waves and neurofeedback (amongst other amazing topics), you should consider attending our i4 Trainer Certification, a 3-day face-to-face immersive program. The knowledge you will gain, and the resources that will be available to you will simply blow you away.

To learn more about our exciting certification offering, we invite you to review our Program Guide and enrol today. We look forward to meeting you soon.

And… yes, you can have our slides, and much more! :-)

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